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Reality star experiences loneliness following serious accident

April Banbury

A contestant who took part in the E4’s Married At First Sight says she is lonely after suffering a serious spinal injury leaving her unable to walk and in constant pain.

April Banbury starred in the TV dating show last year, but is now in excruciating agony after experiencing a prolapsed disc and being classified as disabled.

The injury occurred when she tried to lift a heavy object “in the wrong way”.

Banbury told Mail Online: “My ability to live a normal life has been taken away from me and I am now classified as having a disability.

"I've gone from being a super sociable, busy and adventurous woman always living my life to the fullest, to quite literally being a hermit. For weeks now I have been housebound because I haven't been able to walk."

The reality star went on to say the pain was so extreme she had a shard of glass wedge in one of her feet for six weeks and she didn’t even realise it.

Banbury is experiencing pain trying to sit down, she’s currently wearing a back brace and undergoing physical therapy in the hope to avoid surgery which could leave her paralysed.

She said: "Life is not as I once knew it. I really will never take anything for granted ever."

Since the accident Banbury has been asking friends to help her with daily activities such as dressing, cooking and cleaning.

The prolapsed disc has sparked other issues, one shoulder has dropped and a leg feels longer than the other.

Banbury realises how having a disability can bring on loneliness, she’s trying to reply to as many messages as possible on social media from people feeling isolated.

[ April Banbury was matched with George Roberts on Married at First Sight UK, they married but have since broke up ]

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