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Charity provides ‘jolly days’ for people living with dementia

in jolly good company members sitting round a table

Living with dementia can be incredibly lonely, but thanks to a Dorset charity there’s a friendly community aimed at easing the isolation.

Sarah Rampton launched In Jolly Good Company to bring happiness to those living with the condition by arranging regular meetings and ‘Jolly Days’.

Those Jolly Days provide a range of activities ranging from performances by local musicians, artists and cuddles from fluffy animals.

Every Friday the ‘Step Outside’ group gathers at Kingston Lacy Estate for a cup of tea and a spot of gardening, regardless of the fact if you have green fingers or not.

In Jolly Good Company commits to improving its members physical and mental health despite dementia taking away skills they may have learnt and loved over the years.

The charity’s website includes a number of quotes from family members who rely on the service to support their loved ones.

Chris said: ‘‘Thank you for what you are doing for my Mum and others. She loves the Jolly Days and is responding to the activities. She feels comfortable with the people there’’.

Rosemarie’s friend is a regular at In Jolly Good Company. She said: “I have noticed a change in her since she has been coming to the Jolly Days. Her spirits have lifted and she feels valued”.

The non-profit organisation has received grants from national charities, such as Comic Relief, but does ask for donations from those who attend their Jolly Days.

[ For more information visit the In Jolly Good Company website ]

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