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Bunnies improve life for disabled man

david holding his two rabbits

A disabled man has been given two new furry friends to combat the loneliness he is going through living in residential care.

David, from Cambridgeshire, had been wanting his own pet rabbits for quite some time, but it seemed unlikely.

However, thanks to a national charity he now has a couple of energetic bunnies hopping around in his garden.

Registered Care Home Manager, Dawn Thorpe, told In Your Area: “Due to a number of obstacles, from changes in the team to the significant disruption of the pandemic, David had almost given up hope of ever getting his rabbits.”

But the team at Hft met David’s wishes by introducing Coco and Chanel into the charity’s residential service in St Neots, based in Cambridgeshire.

Hft’s Extra Special Fund offers fund grants to the sum of £1,000 to support people living with learning disabilities so they can participate in activities or improve their quality of life.

Thorpe said: “Last year, David and his keyworker began to research into all the care needs, costs and responsibilities involved in having rabbits, including which are the friendliest to buy. Together, they visited pet shops, spoke to rescue centres and visited a local vet. And now, we’re pleased to say, here they are!”

She added: “David is thrilled to have two new furry friends around the house. He is really grateful that he was granted the funds to support his dream.”

[ Rabbit communicate using a secret code ]

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