Live Earth

The wait is finally over. Back in January news reached the ABLE2 office that one of the worlds largest concerts will take place this Summer. LIVE EARTH will follow in the footsteps of LIVE AID & LIVE8 by going down in musical history.


Teenage Cancer Trust Week 2007

It's difficult to get your head around sometimes isn't it? Teenagers who should be enjoying their last few years before adulthood lying down in a small hospital room for their weekly or more dose of Chemotherapy.


Comedy night at the Teenage Cancer Trust

'Who's this James fella? He has a bloody easy job tonight. It say's here he is on for 2 minutes here, then another 5, then just three minutes later on...'

ABLE2 is having a meal backstage at the Teenage Cancer Trust Concert. A crew member is sitting next to us reading out the evening's set list for TCT's comedy night. It would be fair to say that he isn't too clued up on his comedians and has never heard of James Corden and for that matter is oblivious to the fact that the Gavin & Stacey star is sitting directly behind him.


ABLE2UK CLASSIC: Reliving Live8

Back in 2005 we experienced a day which we will never forget. We were fortunate to know about Live8 before the concert was announced, although we had no idea how massive this event would turn out to be. As the line-up grew, so did our expectations.


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