MTV EMAs 2011

Residents of Belfast who routinely pay a visit to W H Smith in the city centre to collect their Sunday papers must have been a wee bit disheartened this week. The store was closed all day; one may presume the reason for this was because of a bank holiday, an in-store accident or a day or remembrance. But there was another reason newspaper readers had to shop around on this November weekend, the MTV EMAs had taken over the city and there was no way you could escape the excitement.



As soon as you enter the proximity of The O2 arena it is impossible to ignore the fact GLEE LIVE! has arrived in the UK.


David Gray plays The Royal Festival Hall

Back in January David Gray posted his ideas behind his latest tour. The concept of ‘Lost and Found’ was more than just an opportunity to play some of the quieter, more intimate songs not only from 'Foundling', (His latest album) but from across my catalogue.


Punk Rocks Milton Keynes

George Bush has a lot to answer for. For once though you are about to read an article which will not slag off The President Of The United States. Well, not quite. Green Day were once the biggest punk band in the world, knocking out anthems such as Good Riddance Billie Joe and his band had their faces plastered over all the front page music publications. Then they disappeared. Until one man wound them up so much they decided to make a comeback.


Brit Awards 2011

Over the recent years the music industry has seen considerable changes. A large percentage of us no longer spend our Saturday afternoons moping around record stores, just ask worried HMV staff members who are seeking counseling from past Zavvi employees. Downloading is now the way forward to hear your latest favourite tracks. Compact Discs are collecting dust over their once shiny covers and being stored away in attics beside that other invention we once referred to as vinyl and music videos are readily available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week thanks to the ever growing network of music television channels.


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