Primal Scream perform for Teenage Cancer Trust

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It’s June 2005 and Bobby Gillespie finds himself defending a comment he made at Glastonbury Festival. Primal Scream replace Kylie Minogue at the twelve hour following reports the singer has been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Gillespie makes a controversial comment…’Do you wish you were seeing Kylie Minogue?…well fuck you!’ he tells the festival crowd, twenty four hours later he is telling reporters his outburst was not directed at the pop star or her illness.

Tonight Primal Scream and The Big C once again find themselves tied together, although this time it’s for a much more positive reason. Noel Gallagher, holding the reigns for Roger Daltrey, has pulled together a stunning line-up for this years’ Teenage Cancer Trust shows at the Royal Albert Hall. As Daltrey had touring commitments last year the Oasis front-man introduces a Charlotte to the stage, a young cancer survivor her film remembers her friends from her TCT ward, some of which lost their brave fight with the illness. Charlotte is then joined by a group of young adults from around the UK, all have cancer, one who is barely out of his childhood years.

As Bobby leads his band to the stage it’s easy to se the front man is continuing his clean-cut lifestyle, gone are the druggy persona, the incoherent stage banter and careless remarks. Primal Scream equipped with new bassist Simone Butler, are back for 2013 - their opening new track is even named after the year.

From this century to the prefix of the millennium the band deliver 1999’s ‘Swastika Eyes’ with prison searchlights and bloodshot red siren lights before elevating towards ‘Movin’ On Up’.

Despite being told the two following tracks are new those with their nerdy musical knowledge will point out ‘Slip Inside This House’ with its bumper catchy ‘supersized’ chorus is in fact a cover from American band ‘13 the Floor Elevators’ although their original fresh number ‘Damaged’ contains unbroken chords which will happily please those impatient for new material. For those who fall into that category a bonus of this evening is hearing ‘Relativity’ being played live for one of the first times in the UK.

Gillespie dedicates the bands next single ‘It’s Alight, it’s OK’ to his wife “Kate” before the crowd make the following two songs ‘Culturecide’ and ‘Shoot Speed/ Kill Light’ their very own.

Rounding off with uniting the Albert Hall with ’Come Together’ and introducing the townies to their ‘Country Girl’ the band return to the stage for an energetic finale comprising of ‘I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have’, ‘Loaded’, ‘Jailbird’ and ‘Rocks’ before taking us back to the present with a second outing of ‘2013’.

In 2005 Bobby Gillespie may have dampened souls with a careless remark, but tonight he has redeemed himself possibly saving lives of thousands of teenagers across the country.

Teenage Cancer Trust raises money to build wards around the UK for young people coping with cancer to find out more and to make a donation to this remarkable cause visit the TCT website.