MTV EMAs 2011

mtv emas 2011 logo
mtv emas 2011 logo

Residents of Belfast who routinely pay a visit to W H Smith in the city centre to collect their Sunday papers must have been a wee bit disheartened this week. The store was closed all day; one may presume the reason for this was because of a bank holiday, an in-store accident or a day or remembrance. But there was another reason newspaper readers had to shop around on this November weekend, the MTV EMAs had taken over the city and there was no way you could escape the excitement.

Take for example the adverts lining the streets, the local radio and yes, even those arriving at the airport were welcomed to capital by numerous billboards telling passengers stepping off their plane that Selena Gomez was hosting the awards at the Belfast Odyssey on Sunday 6 November.

Taking our seat at the arena ABLE2UK joined the lucky guests to witness the spectacular ceremony, within the next couple of hours we would spot a naked man, count the number of times Lady GaGa changes her outfits and collect an award (4 times, on both occasions) and find out who the hell G-Dragon, Teeyang, T.O.P, Daesung and Seungri were!

Coldplay had the honour opening the awards diving straight into ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’. From water to fire, Selena appeared on the centre stage surrounded by flames as the first award was handed out for Best Live Act which went to Katy Perry.

Here’s a teaser for you. What’s black, white and funky all over? LMFAO shuffling through the arena on a zebra of course! The party animals made their grand entrance on the mechanic African equid playing their current hit ‘Sexy and I Know It’. From zebras hooves to canine flea collars – or whatever GaGa was wearing around her neck the Queen of Pop collected her first award of the night for Best Female artist.

Twenty years ago we lost one the greatest showman in music history, tonight two of the remaining members of Queen (Brian May and Roger Taylor) had the honour of collecting the award for Best Global Act, they would later join American Idol winner, Adam Lambert to perform a medley of the bands greatest hits.

Tucked inside the safe – situated on the centre stage, hidden from view, was a young lady from Redbridge. Christened Jessica Ellen Cornish twenty three years ago Jessie J is now one the most sought after acts in the music industry and after tonights, money can’t buy, performance of ‘Price Tag’ it’s not difficult to understand why.

Next Summer 125,000 people will watch the Red Hot Chilli Peppers perform at Knebworth House, in much smaller contrast Kiedis and his band mates thrash though ‘Adventures of Rain Dance’ in front of 1,850 fans crammed into the Ulster Hall. The track, beamed live to the awards, is part of a sixty-minute set for those lucky enough to snap up a ticket for this exclusive MTV gig.

Apologises if we upset any Lady Gaga fans earlier with our ‘flea collar reference’, the honest truth was we weren’t being vindictive (she still looked fantasticly 'fashionable') but the trouble is, sometimes to difficult to describe her fashion sense. The same problem lies when putting finger to keyboard in an attempt to explain her live performance tonight. Gaga, in a similar yet different outfit (naturally) seems to be singing ‘Marry The Night’ on top of the moon (well, the top half anyway) before descending down the back to dance with her backing dancers in a scantily dressed red sparkling outfit. Her Little Monsters would be proud!

Still confused why W H Smith was closed earlier? Allow us to delve into more detail. The store was just a few yards away from a massive outdoor stage slap bang in the middle of Belfast City Centre outside the City Hall, the location for a very special homecoming gig for Snow Patrol. As with the Chilli’s one of the tracks from this hour-long set (Caught out in the Dark) was filmed as part of tonight’s award ceremony. And you know what? It looked and sounded absolutely stunning!

Back in the warm confinements of the Odyssey arena somebody who had come in from the bitterly cold Scottish weather and taken off his jumper, woolly hat and well, everything made an unscheduled appearance during Hayden Panettiere’s speech. Tabloid stories later revealed the streaker was Irish stage actor David Monahan who was smuggled into the awards by security. Organisers of the EMA’s deny any reports that the stunt was staged.

Looking like a exicted kid waking up on Christmas morning, Justin Bieber collected his award for Best Pop Act before he un-wrapped his performance of ‘Never Say Never’ with a segment from his recently released festive single, ‘Mistletoe.’

Four months ago we lost one of the greatest female vocalists in music history; Amy Winehouse’s death is still fresh in people’s minds. Tonight Jessie J led an emotional tribute to the English singer-songwriter followed by a short film where family and fans remembered Amy and the incredible powerful records her short-lived career so generously gave to thousands of music lovers across the globe.

Jessie J made her third appearance of the evening with the penultimate performance of the night teaming up with David Guetta. Unfortunately for Jessie fans she left the awards empty handed after losing out to Bruno Mars when he swiped the prize for Best New Act from under her nose. The singer celebrated his honeymoon period by performing his new track ‘Marry You’ in front of his screaming fans.

Still trying to figure out whom G-Dragon, Teeyang, T.O.P, Daesung and Seungri are? The five piece are better known as BIGBANG, a Korean boy band who picked up the Best Worldwide award at this year’s ceremony, which just goes to show the worldwide appeal of the EMAs attracts.

Late night dwellers on the streets of Belfast looking for a quick nightcap in a hotel bar to finish off their weekend may have been disappointed on Sunday night. Three hotels across the capital hosted official after-show parties to bring the EMA 2011 to a sensational close. The team behind the awards deserve some prizes of their own as once again, they have pulled off the most important night in the music calendar which graced the front pages of newspapers the following morning, available in all good newsagents and yes, that includes the Belfast branch of W H Smith!

To see a list of winners from the awards and Lady Gaga’s outfits go to the ABLE2UK Facebook page.