Live Earth

The wait is finally over. Back in January news reached the ABLE2 office that one of the worlds largest concerts will take place this Summer. LIVE EARTH will follow in the footsteps of LIVE AID & LIVE8 by going down in musical history.

Taking place at Wembley Stadium (exclusively announced on ABLE2 two months ago) on July 7th the London leg of the 24 hour worldwide extravaganza will part of 7 concerts bringing awareness to the global warming conditions which are affecting our planet. Unlike LIVE8 the concert won't be free, but with a price tag of £55 you can't really grumble, besides all the profit raised will go towards green organisations such as Alliance for Climate Protection, the Climate Group and Stop Climate Chaos.

The Geldof figure behind this event is Former US Vice-president Al Gore had this to say about the awareness concert,

We hope Live Earth will launch a global campaign, giving a critical mass of people around the world the tools they need to help solve the climate crisis."

With all the technology behind the concerts criticism could be raised that the amount of electricity used is affecting the environment itself. This however has been taken into account, not only will the day draw awareness towards the climate changes but hopefully path the way forward for future live events by using measures such as eco-friendly electricity, sustainable lighting and carbon-neutral travel.

If you gaze over to the left you'll see a list of the first batch of confirmed performers which include Madonna and Genesis. More acts are to be announced and speculation of Coldplay and U2 being added to the bill have been heard around our offices.

Speaking to one of the organisers involved on the project we were told that, 'Everyone wants to play the concert'. Could this be the Worlds largest ever concert?

OK, so how do you register for tickets? Like Glastonbury you have to register THIS FRIDAY (15th April) online. We've added the link on the left for you and registration will be open for 72 hours from midday. Tickets will then be sold the following Wednesday which can be bought in pairs.

Happening just 6 days after the Concert For Diana and the day before Metallica, all of which are being held at Wembley Stadium we here at ABLE2 are launching The Best Summer Ever. Calling it BSE we will be reporting back from every major festival and concert which we can.

More details about BSE will be revealed at the end of the month.