Motorhead play Southampton Guildhall


If there was ever a rock cult-icon who needed no introduction; it would be Lemmy. The lead singer of Mötorhead is clearly recognised by his iconic moustache and his infamous mutton chops. His band, which was originally going to be called 'Bastard', also needs little form of introduction since they have being doing the rounds since 1975. Despite this, their current 35th anniversary tour, 'The Wörld Is Yours' opens with the immortal words, 'We Are Mötorhead' and penetrates into gear with the 2000 track bearing the same title.

On this winter Sunday evening a quick gaze over tonight's crowd tells us that Mötorhead still have a loyal following. The middle-aged stood among us, some in leather jackets, one in a SS uniform, care little about the outcome of Wagner and Cher Lloyd which is probably unfolding back in their family homes tonight. They are here for rock music, proper unaltedarted rock music in the rawest of reality form.

The first of two tracks taken from their current album, also titled 'The Wörld Is Yours' has its play four tracks in, 'Get Back In Line' shows that little musical direction has been taken in the bands history. Even though chances are slim the bands new material will find itself to mainstream success, it doesn't matter. This isn't what Mötorhead are about; they play music, unaltedarted pure music which suits them and their fans. Anybody outside that inner sanctum can please themselves and listen to their own required musical tastes.

Phil Campbell, their guitarist for the past 26 years, asks the crowd to raise their hands if they wish for them to play louder. The tinnitus-hunger fans respond in the only natural way and the amps are turned up to a Spinal Tapping 11.

The 2008 track, 'Rock Out' is introduced as 'the song which you can rock out with get your cock out' making direct references to the song's lyrics. There's more delinquent behaviour to follow when Lemmy asks the Southampton guildhall crowd to make as much noise as possible, the screaming decibels which follow are unlikely to reach in this town hall until, well, Thursday night - when Jedward are on the bill!

Earlier this year Mötorhead played the Download festival, an environment where one wouldn't be surprised to spot bottles being thrown above the predominant teenage crowd. Tonight, when a few bottles are thrown, the behaviour is seen as unruly, especially from Lemmy who welcomes the culprits on stage to throw 'a fucking punch' at him. Unsurprisingly the tomfoolery ceases and there's no sign of audience participation.

A release from the Another Perfect Day album (I Got Mine) is followed by a 'cheerful' new track from ''The Wörld Is Yours' (I Know How To Die.) Both tracks continue to showcase the harsh rasping vocal talents of Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister, but its drummer Mikkey Dee who, not so much steals, but kidnap’s and holds hostage the airing of 'In The Name Of Tragedy', his drum solo will no doubt inflate the sales of the signed drumsticks over at the merchandise stand. Unfortunately his earphones he wears throughout his drum solo are not for sale.

A 'very loud, slow song' about politicians titled 'Just 'Cos You Got The Power' picks up many votes from tonight’s coalition who are told, that if they play their cards right the band will do an encore after their most successful track of their whole career - 'Ace Of Spades.'

Returning to the stage Finnish rock musician, Michael Monroe assists Lemmy through 'Born To Raise Hell' which is followed by the bands' epilogue, 'We Are Fucking Mötorhead' the Wolverine-facial leader tells us and rounds off tonight’s set with 'Overkill'.