Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball Tour

lady gaga riding a motorbike on born this way tour
lady gaga riding a motorbike on born this way tour Image credit:

From an outsider a trail of youngsters camping out for eight nights on the streets of London would call for alarm bells to ring, although for those besotted with tracks about a ringing device, a nod to the late Princess Diana and walking down the aisle to start a relationship with the end of the day it makes perfect sense as you understand the monster pit small capacity could be your exclusive pass to meeting the most famous pop singer in the world.

With London’s daily paper, The Metro echoing Gaga’s rising popularity with diehard fans showing Beatle mania it’s hard to argue that her shows are anything lower than the high expectations which match nearly two hundred hours under canvas.

It’s been four years since the little monsters (her fans) have managed to crash internet sites attempting to secure their invites to her Monster Ball where we saw Gaga stretch out her two hour sets with crying, shallow plotlines and dare we say it without being clawed to death by a teenage fan, irritating breaks during her previous world tour.

This time Gaga is stronger and fiercer, there’s no pathetic sobbing or stories of cars breaking down on her way to the ball. For the Born This Way ball she has grown a pair of metaphorical balls, drops the ‘f’ bomb nearly as more times as she changes her costume and realises a few jokes won’t harm her diva status. For instance the performer giggles when she tells us her motorbike transformed into a piano when we weren’t looking.

2012 Gaga is also aware of that other international singer, the one who played Hyde Park this summer in front of 80,000 people and who constantly, receives criticism for miming at her live shows. Tonight on her first of two sold out evenings at the 60,000 Twickenham Stadium Gaga ensures us she will be singing totally live, a subtle dig at Madonna aside comparisons between whippersnapper Gaga and auntie Madge are still difficult to ignore...

First of all there’s the enviable gay following, although Gaga brings together all those who are outcasts opposed to Madonna’s specific route of one’s chosen sexuality. Religious matters are preyed upon with a black singer called Jesus, opposed to having a relationship with one as well, although both singers have brushed controvesaty with religious movements, this show was banned Indonesia due to Gaga’s scattily dress numbers. But what the new diva on the block has done is to build on Madonna’s successes and if you listen closely to Black Jesus † Amen Fashion traces of ‘Vogue’ can be found nested within the track.

So, how does the Monster Ball differ from a dance staged by a pensioner’s elaborate tea party? Well, you wouldn’t catch Madge riding in on a spider, dance dressed in an outfit bearing resemblement to a little White Riding Hood and most importantly, breaking down the barrier between icons and adoring fans.

Ah, the fans, nearly forgot about them...So, after spending more than week outside those who made it into the monster pit play a vital part in the ‘show and tell’ set of the evening. They are asked to throw gifts onto the stage allowing Gaga to choose her favourite presents and in return send them her vocal appreciation. Some will have their T-shirts worn by their idol, some will see their hard work praised in front of the class of thousands and one will be the star pupil and segregated from their classmates to spend a few minutes with Miss Gaga as she resumes her singing lessons.

Those wearing dunces’ hats at the back of the class can still marvel at the lavish stage sets which recreate a castle fit for the queen of pop. A moving convenor belt will gracefully move Gaga around the exterior banks of the pit with her solider of dancers on two separate occasions during the performance, one of which will see her ride the three wheeled motorbike – remember...the one which transforms into a piano mid way through the set?

There are still Bono moments which Gaga could do without, ok we get most of it, but when prefixed the opening lines to ‘Born This Way’ telling us she’s not a woman, not an alien, not a man nor a creature of the government but she is one of sometimes think the persona Gaga has created could be watered down a teeny weenie bit to allow more time for the music, especially when tonight’s set has to be cut short due to the promoters pick yet another residential area for a mammoth concert, a couple of months ago Springsteen had the plug pulled on his Hyde Park gig and even little monsters wouldn’t stand a chance against the local council.

With ‘Edge of Glory’ and ‘Marry the Night’ bringing the evening to a close it’s easy to see why Gaga keeps her reputation as one of the most exciting acts to catch live. If you missed out this time ensure your camping equipment is unpacked in around another four years time as those invites to her Balls and exclusive pits are worth getting your grubby claws on.

Disabled Access at Twickenham Stadium was at a very high standard with two platforms giving guests a great side view and despite being sold out the areas were adequately spacious.