Forgone Conclusion - Hammersmith 16th May

david brent fronting foregone conclusion
david brent fronting foregone conclusion Image credit:

Back in 2001 the quiet, sleep town of Slough was the centre of attention for a new character which would be loved as much as he would be loathed. Ricky Gervais, then a relatively unknown personality in the comedy universe gave birth to David Brent, a manager of paper firm who loosely resembled bosses across the country in the working environment.

Since Brent Gervais’ career has blossomed to an award winning career. Episodes followed Ricky’s ambitious twelve episode journey through a derailed acting career, Derek currently sees our loveable rogue representing a kind hearted aging soul in an old people’s home, four successful stand-up tours have seen venues up and down the country turning away unlucky ticket holders and Hollywood has a new star in town thanks to his cameos in the Night at the Museum series, Ghost Town and he’s now Ricky is even a buddy of Kermit the Frog.

What would Brent make of this impressive, spiral journey into fame? We guess he would had jumped at the chance to escape the Berkshire confinements, but at least he is following his musical dreams which sees him front his own rock band , ‘Foregone Conclusion’.

The public first perception of Foregone Conclusion came in 2013 when we were treated to a short film as part of BBC’s Comic Relief telethon. Back then Brent, backed by his band which includes Andy Burrows from Razorlight played a handful of their new tracks, Spaceman Came Down, The serpents and that Guard, Equality Street and an ode to Princess Diana which saw the broadcasting cooperation banning the second verse of Paris Nights.

Tonight, at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith Foregone Conclusion pave a similar route as Gervais, their one-off television appearance has now escalated into a short UK tour via the odd one-off dates which took place last year. The staff from Slough may have gone their separate ways, yet tonight one of Brent’s employees, Keith (played by Ewen MacIntosh) introduces the band between bites of an appetising scotch egg.

Is tonight a comedy routine or a music gig? Well, it’s both. Providing you listen to the lyrics the following hour will provide plenty of laughs interjected by typical Brent banter which, from other less talented performers, would come across as tedious as a photocopier handbook.

As well as the aforementioned numbers, which includes the complete rendition of Paris Nights referring to the Princess of Hearts and AIDS victims the set sees welcome outings of further cult favourites such as ‘Slough’, ‘Lady Gypsy’, ‘Ain’t No Trouble’ and ‘Thank Fuck it’s Friday’.

Brent’s band has a loyal fanbase, lyrics have been learnt, decibels of admiration are heard and later songs are met by standing ovations.

In typical Gervais style nobody is left unscathed as the encore clearly highlights when Brent covers the most controversial topic of disability, which of course fits in extremely snugly with ABLE2UK. ‘Don’t Make Fun Of The Disabled’ allows Brent to do just that and in doing so ensures the subject matter in question bears no prejudice against any other minority group which has been covered over the past fifty-five minutes.

The shows imply Gervais does whatever budding rock star does, plays when he feels like it and who are we to argue? It beats a 9 – 5 job and we are pretty sure even David Brent would agree with us.