David Gray plays The Royal Festival Hall

David Gray
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Back in January David Gray posted his ideas behind his latest tour. The concept of ‘Lost and Found’ was more than just an opportunity to play some of the quieter, more intimate songs not only from 'Foundling', (His latest album) but from across my catalogue.

So it came to no surprise that tonight’s concert being held in the elegant surroundings of London’s Royal Festival Hall would bring a fair few tracks even the most devoted Gray fan would struggle to recite.

The audience comprises of a more matured generation and despite the odd member rising to their feet Gray plays in front of a laid-back crowd. A crowd which has probably skipped the Twitter generation, relaying tonight’s two-hour affair to their friends and families in more than 140 characters.

The final night of the British tour, which will be rounded off with us joining David upstairs later enjoying a few complimentary drinks commences with ‘Founding’ the title track from last Summer’s album. The stage bears resemblance to a front lounge, three lights, a few chairs to sit his six band members and even a carpet thrown in for good measure.

Of course no Gray concert would be complete without his wobbly head which will move in tandem with his quivery left leg when he stands to play the guitar for numbers such as ‘Tired Of Me’ and ‘Shine’ which he has played every night since his tour started in Boston back in February.

In preparation for his shows David asked his fans to request tracks via his website, songs which he rarely plays live. Two of which will be chosen tonight, ‘Lately’ and ‘Flame Turns Blue’ although World Wide Fanbase will not feel left out as his popular releases such as ‘Sail Away’ and ‘Babylon’ will also been included in the extensive setlist. The latter introduced after he takes us through a journey via Google Earth, across the Thames, through the streets of Stoke Newington ending up on the doorstep of 32 Lordship Road, his old house where he wrote the his biggest selling song to date.

There’s another reflection on popular and hidden gems on offer tonight thanks to a couple of film tracks. ‘This Year’s Love’ can be heard on blockbuster movie releases such as ‘Wimbledon’ and ‘Crazy/Beautiful’ not to mention the soar-away television success Dawson’s Creek; Where’s the aforementioned ‘Flame Turns Blue’ can be found in a lesser known film called Disco Pigs.

The tour, which will see David visit such destinations including Minneapolis and Chicago within the next month, is for the die-hard fans; If you fall into this category tonight’s show was a delight and, to share another quote from Gray’s online message earlier this year it was A more reactive environment, in which subtle changes of mood, tempo and dynamics could (sic) be responded to instantly and instinctively by everyone involved.

The Royal Festival Hall has excellent access for disabled guests. There are free parking spaces for Blue Badge holders outside the venue. And a number of wheelchair spaces which can be requested upon arrival although we advise you to call 0844 875 0073 (select option 2) before your visit and booking tickets.