Comedy night for Teenage Cancer Trust

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The annual run of the Teenage Cancer Shows also sees a night of top class comedy and this year was no exception.

A few months ago a group of comedians received a phone call from Jason Manford asking if they would be happy to perform at the Albert Hall for the charity evening. Using his Geldof skills Manford managed to round up six of the funniest blokes around at the moment and host this memorable evening.

As Jason curated tonight’s show it seemed only fair for the Irish born comic to start the proceedings off. His opening piece included tales of meeting a courageous ex-soldier who was severely disabled from battle whilst Manford had a broken arm and being told by the squaddie how brave he was. His experiences being mistaken for other celebrities and later on in the evening his trip to the doctors when he was checked for testicular cancer and accidently caught the doctors eye during the examination.

Next up was David Spikey, if you don’t recognise the name you will certainly be familiar with his work as Spikey has appeared on shows such as 8 out of 10 cats and co-wrote Phoenix Nights with Peter Kay. Churning out witty remarks such as how worrying it was reading a sign telling ‘guard dogs were operating within the hospital premises’ (think about it!). Spikey then went on to crucify well-known song lyrics, for example...Vanessa Williams ‘Save The Best For Last which starts with ‘Sometimes the sun goes 'round the moon’ and commenting on how stupied Des’ree was when she sang I’m afraid of the dark, 'specially when I'm in a park,’ and uneducated she was keeping a rabbit’s tail...when it should be a foot! The comedian also made judgement on her laziness rhyming ‘most’ with ‘toast’. If you haven’t a clue what we are going on about check out the lyrics on our Facebook page.

Jon Richardson, another star of 8 Out of 10 Cats and Channel 4’s Stand Up for the Week, gave us his opinions on how useless young children are. It wasn’t just the kids who were the brunt of his humorous act, women were also degraded and a story revolving around a muslim eating an apple on the tube climaxed with a fifthly ending. Oh, and Jon also shared with us when he explained to his other mother what MILF stood for.

Crossing over the pond we shared the next twenty minutes or so in the company of Canadian Stewart Francis. His twisted yet sharp humour told us that the DAC stood for Canadians Against Dyslexia and he once had a threesome with just himself and a schizophrenic. He then warned his forthcoming joke about Moses may divide the room in two!

No introduction was needed for the real star of 8 Out of 10 Cats as the show’s host; Jimmy Carr made his smug way onto the stage. Compacting one liners down to two words ‘Dwarf Shortage’ he told us he shared some advice he was once given that should he ever wished to have a tattoo, the best place to have it done was where it didn’t matter – so he considered going to a tattooist in Stoke! Other witter one liners from Carr included him not being worried that one of his testicles wasn’t the same size as his other two and One in Three American women are obese, just like the other Two!

Some of you probably know Alan Davies from Jonathan Creek, but he is also a exceedingly funny middle aged lad. His stand-up routine compiled of the end of the world on December 21, different flavoured condoms and the eighties when youngsters had to secretly make calls on their parents’ home telephones. He also brought his act up to date with his issues with modern technology with the ecstatic usage of mobile devices. Alan’s funniest tales touched on ‘touching’ his granddads private parts when he coped with a deteriorating illness, but for obvious reasons we think we should end things there.

Wrapping up the evening what better way is there other to have Tim Minchin play three numbers with his band? In case you couldn’t make last night we have published the lyrics to Rock and Roll Nerd, Prejudice and Confessions on our Facebook page

Jason Manford did an incredible job this year for Teenage Cancer Trust, there was also an appearance from the man behind the annual event, Sir Roger Daltrey and if you wish to make a donation to this wonderful cause please visit the Teenage Cancer Trust website.