Coco-Cola Torch Relay Finale Concert

coco-cola torch relay concert with torchbearer & boris johnson
coco-cola torch relay concert with torchbearer & boris johnson Image credit:

For the past 70 days a chunk of metal with 2012 holes on the handle and a flame burning from its top has been roaming around the UK.

Since 18 May the Olympic Torch has been carried by 7,999 Torchbearers, the daily routes have accumulated with local celebrations sponsored by Coco-Cola. Yesterday just like a huge can of fizzy pop being shaken to its extremes before being opened the ring pull of the Olympic Torch Relay finale exploded over 80,00 people in London’s Hyde Park with an eight hour pop concert.

Kicking off the afternoon carnival were Morning Parade, a five-piece boy band from Essex who still haven’t quite made it pass the starting block as far the hit singles go.

One person who has made the 100 metres sprint to the charts is Wretch 32 who, along with a percentage of today’s acts has been playing short sets across the country as part of the Olympic Torch relay route. Another act who has been exercising local crowds in a Usain Bolt style are Rizzle Kicks. Today Jordan (the ‘Rizzle’ in the relationship) darts around the stage waving a patriotic Union Jack whilst Harvey (Kicks) bounces around wearing his cap. The pair proudly play ‘When I Was A Youngster’ after it was chosen for the Olympic Playlist and round off their set with Mamma’s in the crowd doing the hump and everybody else getting down with the trumpets.

The audience weren’t kept twiddling their thumbs and wondering what to do with the Lloyds TSB & Samsung flags which had been handed to them, nor were left to bang their complementary Coco Cola drums to an empty stage. Entertainment between acts came from a couple of studios situated back stage where Lisa Snowdon & Dave Berry introduced sessions by various artists and Gold medallist Jonathan Edwards retraced the Olympic Torch journey over the past couple of months.

Swiftly leaving the performance from Eliza ‘Doinglittle’ with a bronze medal for trying we move on to You Me at Six who lifted the atmosphere which a handful of numbers including ‘Underdog’ which hopefully bear any relation to members of Team GB over the next few weeks.

Around 7pm the torch was on its way to the park held by the final Torchbearer Tyler Rix, before the two thousandth runner accessed the stage the crowd were treated to a performance by Katy B as well as her live collaboration with Mark Ronson singing the official Coco-Cola song for London 2012, ‘Anywhere in the World’.

After a short enthusiastic speech from Boris Johnson the cauldron was lit and fans of the Wanted were treated to a half hour set from the boy band ‘of the moment’.

We here at ABLE2UK are all for a bit of pop, which The Wanted seem to doing pretty blooming well, but half way through their performance they decided to do a Coldplay melody. They demolished ‘Rule The World’, drowned ‘Waterfall’ took us to hell with ‘Paradise’ and broke every sensitive bone in our body with ‘Fix You’. Sorry, but you wouldn’t stick Tom Daley on a running track or Chris Hoy on a football pitch or Andy Murray with a Tennis Racquet in Wimbledon Final so why place a boy band next to one of the world’s greatest musical performers?

As the members of the crowd whose ages had reached double figures recovered from such atrocity Dizzee Rascal wrapped the event off with a one-hour set complete with fireworks and a ‘bonkers’ climax.

Coco-Cola gave Hyde Park a wonderful event, the disabled platform was well situated close to the stage and some performances had a sign interpreter for those hard of hearing. This was probably the second best ceremony London would host this week and we hope, one day, the Olympic Torch will be back for another 70 days of patriotic entertainment.