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bombay bicycle club
bombay bicycle club


This week we sent ABLE2UK reader Philip Clarke to catch Bombay Bicycle Club at Portsmouth Guildhall on Tuesday 24 April.  Here’s his review from the night...

Arriving early, the ABLE2UK team made sure to get into the Guildhall early enough to catch the two warm up acts performing before this evenings headliners, Bombay Bicycle Club. 
First on stage, Rae Morris... The young 18 year old lady from Blackpool. She is all alone on stage armed only with her piano, her abundant curly hair and her mighty voice. She looked shy when talking to the crowd but as soon as she started to play you could really see her come into her own. She played an outstanding set including 'Back to Front', 'Day One' and finished off with 'Walls'. She is an exceptional singer songwriter and definitely one to watch out for in the future.
Second on stage was the divine Lianne la Havas. She was nominated as part of the BBC's 'Sound of 2012' earlier this year and the team were very much looking forward to seeing her. She initially appeared on stage on her own opening with 'No room for Doubt'. She was then joined by her band and performed her first and current single 'Lost & Found'. She announced the release of her debut album to be the 9 th of July then finished off her set by playing the title track 'Is Your Love Big Enough' a great upbeat track which differs from her usual folk-soul sound. These were two awesome acts that had left us feeling like we'd already consumed our daily recommended intake of great live music!

The crowd which had grown considerably since the earlier start of the evening looked warmed up and ready for the headliners... 
They did not have to wait much longer as at 9.15 on the dot the distinctive wailing of Jack Steadman voice and familiar riff to ' How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep’ began to play and the curtain revealed the band to their eagerly waiting fans. They swiftly continue onto 'Your Eyes' a second song from their 3rd and most recent album 'A Different Kind of Fix'. This would be the dominant album in tonight's set list as its the album they are touring! The band proceeded to plough through their massive set list and manage to rally the crowd up with even a mosh-pit in full swing. Watching Jack Steadman twitchy dancing and slyly grinning as he sees the crowd's reaction to their sound, is a delight.
BBC continue to rigorously burn through their 20 song strong play list. One of the highlights was a great rendition of 'Lights Out, Words Gone' with its light, fluffy dreamy feel, it was the beginning of the end of the electric riffs and drumming frenzy. 
They moved onto a couple of songs from their 2nd and most acustic album 'Flaws'. Playing 'Rinse Me Down', 'Ivy and Gold' and 'Dust on the Ground'. This introduced Lucy Rose the soft female voice which can be heard on the band's 2nd and 3rd albums. Towards the end of the acustic part of the set the band started to really wind down by playing some of their slower tracks including 'Beggars' and 'Still'. The latter was a piano duet between Jack Steadman and Lucy Rose. Although it was enjoyed by us, you could tell that they had started to loose the crowds attention. But as soon as as the melancholic duet was finished, the band battled forward to recapture the momentum with a couple of songs from their 1st and rockiest album 'I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Off'. This included 'Always Like This' and 'The Giantess / Emergency Contraception Blues' just before the encore.
They disappeared for a minute or two only to return with their massive tune from last summer 'Shuffle' which made, if only for a few minutes, all of the April showers disappear and even felt the warmth of the sun and feel of the summer breeze! Then they finished off with an ridiculously amazing version of 'What if' which was definitely the climax to the evening that left everyone satisfied.
What an evening... Rae Morris, Lianne la Havas and Bombay Bicycle Club were all incredible and have left us looking forward until next time ABLE2UK get a chance to see them again.

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