Pulp's comeback at the IOW Festival

Described as ‘a land of surprise and adventure with exciting rides, goblins & fairies, dinosaurs, nursery rhyme’ Blackgang Chine is a popular attraction on the Isle of Wight which has welcomed thousands of visitors since 1843, one of which was a young Jarvis Cocker.


Lady Gaga at Radio 1's Big Weekend

Within the next twenty four hour Lady Gaga’s Twitter account will welcome its tenth millionth follower; Quite an achievement for an artist who, just over three years ago, was virtually unknown.


Camden Crawl 2011

There’s a bloke playing a ukulele in the Camden Eye pub. We don’t know his name, he probably doesn’t have a MySpace account and we’d be surprise if his twitter following has reached double figures yet; but none of these matters.


Global Gathering 06


We have to remind ourselves one thing whilst we write this report from Global Gathering this year which is to save it. You see, last year we attended the two day dance festival, sparked off a great review (Well, from our standards) and lost the whole damn lot and because we had a shed load of stuff to do we didn't have time to rewrite it. Mind you, the festival hasn't really changed over the 12 months so there's no alarm to be dismayed. Give us a sec to save this paragraph and we will rattle on about England's premier dance event!


Dress to impress at Bestival 2010

Robin Hill Country Park is the Jo Whiley of Britain's Theme parks as should the attraction come to a close before the end of the month nobody would notice and it wouldn't be any loss to the British public.


Bestival 2010 - Saturday

'That's been noted'. 'Yep, that's noted as well'. 'OK, I will take that into account- it's been noted.'

Relax, our three months of hyper-festival activity haven't taken a toll on us and deteriorated our journalistic quality, although the bitter twisted amongst you would point out that our poor reviews commenced back in May with our feedback from the Evolution Weekender. No, the opening sentence to this year Bestival report traces us back a year when we interviewed Rob Da Bank, the festival's creator, and brought to his attention accessibly issues which we thought required a slight adjustment.


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