Lady Gaga at Radio 1's Big Weekend

Lady Gaga emerges from a coffin.
Lady Gaga emerges from a coffin. Image credit:

Within the next twenty four hour Lady Gaga’s Twitter account will welcome its tenth millionth follower; Quite an achievement for an artist who, just over three years ago, was virtually unknown.

Taking a whole chapter out of Madonna’s book the singer realises how image can fire one into stratospheric heights, already this year she ‘cracked’ her first Grammy appearance by arriving inside an egg and tonight’s headline act for this years Radio 1 Big Weekend in Carlisle opens with New York’s most famous diva emerging from a coffin wearing a PVC outfit and appearing to be pregnant.

The wake which follows will see Gaga extend her scheduled 45 minute slot into an hour which will make showbiz headlines all over the world watched by the thousands of lucky radio listeners who managed to win tickets for this prestigious annual music event and millions online across the world.

Despite arriving on stage fifteen minutes late her opening numbers, Born This Way and Bad Romance deliver a promising start. Two back-to-back hits uninterrupted by the tedious wines and never-ending thank you’s to her family, fans, God – and everybody else in Gaga’s life which we had to endure during the Monster Ball tour.

Maybe, we are being too critical, maybe we just don’t get it or maybe, just maybe a majority of journalists who realise a dig at Gaga, in her bubble of popularity at the moment will open the floodgates for her little monsters (her fans) to retaliate quicker than a My Chemical Romance Emo fan can wipe away their hair from their hidden left eyelid. But, with our office doors bolted, our phones off the hook and our auto out-of-office reply set on our email accounts...Here we go...

The trouble with Gaga is she is an incredible singer, the aura she has built around her is exquisite, but when she starts...she doesn’t know when to stop. Lying on top of her piano – good! Playing the piano with her high heel – impressive. Doing absolutely nothing apart from staring at the crowd for a good thirty seconds – questionable! These three publicity acts moulded together during her Jazz/ Acoustic set received a deafening round of screams, cheers and applause from the crowd. But give us a pair of stilettos with a musical instrument and we are pretty sure we could do the same. Although, we couldn’t – because we are not Gaga!

The melody set also brought disappointment, ‘Telephone’ was disconnect after a couple of verses and after a very quick game of ‘Poker Face’ our own facial expression was easy to read – we wanted more.

When she did speak to the crowd, Gaga actually turned up trumps, we were told how she was bullied through High School for being a nerd because she was in a Jazz band (hence the Jazz set), made aware of the reasoning behind the tempered lyrics to the Nat King Cole’s rendition of ‘Orange Colour Sky’ – Gaga’s version was penned in the States during the time of the Royal Wedding and dedicated ‘Speechless’ to the support her fans gave her when her father was going open-heart surgery.

Rounding off with ‘Just Dance’ and her latest release, ‘Judas’ we started to understand the hysteria which surrounds Gaga; She doesn’t need to play a drum kit whilst being rotated 360° or ride a mechanical blue elephant through the crowds. Lady Gaga is Lady Gaga and nobody can compete or argue against that and with that we can hopefully unbolt our door, answer the phones again and reply to our emails, we have even helped towards her eleventh millionth follower on Twitter!