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We have to remind ourselves one thing whilst we write this report from Global Gathering this year which is to save it. You see, last year we attended the two day dance festival, sparked off a great review (Well, from our standards) and lost the whole damn lot and because we had a shed load of stuff to do we didn't have time to rewrite it. Mind you, the festival hasn't really changed over the 12 months so there's no alarm to be dismayed. Give us a sec to save this paragraph and we will rattle on about England's premier dance event!

OK, ready! Global Gathering takes place in Shakespeare hometown, Stratford-Upon-Avon on a Airfield. Luckily the only attractions taking place in the sky over the weekend are clowns risking life and limb doing a bungee jump and the fairground rides throwing drugged up ravers into more disarray than they already are encountering! The fair itself spreads out from its central position with a water rapids ride and the reverse bungee first seen on the festival circuit at T in the Park. But it wasn't just the rides which reached the dizzy heights, on Saturday night the air display team stole the glory from the Audio Bullies as they gave the crowd a spectacular air show. 

Before we try to fill a paragraph around the phenomenal line up with the DJ's we will explain the rest of the site. Just in case you feel like buying a ticket for 2007, as a limited number are already on sale! The Global Village was your average festival market which sells awful clothes and legal highs which make you ill and little else. In the Urban Village you could laugh at grown men still riding BMX bikes, skateboarder's and graffiti junkies. For those who can't afford a lap dance at Stringfellows the lap dancing tent was enough to fill your guilty pleasures and the cinema situated in the campsite made your nights even longer.

Ending at 2am on the Saturday morning and a tiring 6am slot on the Sunday Global Gathering isn't for the tired festival goer. The arena is a tiny, but compact Ibiza night out. Radio One hosted a private Bar-B-Q in their cornered off area where we bumped into Sarah Cox. Opposite that was the artist bar, which was extremley quiet, in fact we concluded that half the acts didn't know it even existed. Hed Kandi hosted the VIP tent with headline sets from Andy Norton and Paul Wilkins. Which we are sarcastically sure you are familiar with! The rest of the VIP area had a sea theme with a pirate ship and hammocks to rest your tired bones on and a beauty parlor allowed guests to have a haircut and a powder in case they didn't have time to glam up before hand.

Time to give you a condensed run down on the DJ's and arenas for the Friday night. Radio 1 had a beach theme just as last year (which we spent bloody ages writing about before we lost it!) Pete Tong's set was broadcast live and Sasha gave his usual awarding mix. Groove Armada closed the night. Daft Punk made a comeback on Friday in a jam packed 'Electric' arena and Pete Tong worked overtime with a second set over in the Essential Selection Arena. Tiesto closed the night in the Global tent and Hybrid gave the crowd a send off as they headed back to their tents. No idea who played over in the silent disco as we couldn't hear them! Although the dancing boffins wearing headphones would inform you that the choice was very random.

As the sun rose over the campers on the Saturday morning the most prominent feature in our solar system was probably unaware that it would actually be rewarded with a round of applause later on in the day with its second brief appearance. This was because of the dim clouds which tantalized the sky for the rest of the festival. With hyper activity on the weather front it was inevitable that the night would close with Glastonbury mudbath. This , of course didn't stop a day of quality live DJing which we will quickly wrap up this review with now.

A new day brought along new arenas as each year at the festival most of the tents change to cater for a wider taste for the crowd.The Radio 1 beach stage remained in tact with Fatboy Slim giving his best open air gig since a death on Brighton Beach. Oakenfold and Paul Van Dyk were headlining the Godskitchen arena. Carl Cox has his own tent joined by various friends. Digweed could be found in the Bedrock arena. Lisa Lashes over at Polysexual and Defected records showed off their signings at their very own tent.

Of course, there was a guestlist stack more of DJ's but if we printed them we would be here until 6am and we don't fancy that kind of marathon again. Well not until 12 months time anyway!