Big acts play Big Weekend 2010


If Paulo Nutini actually isn't stoned or drugged up to the eyeballs every time he has a microphone under his nose we would hate to think how he reacts after a corporate record company party which celebrates his impressive record sales. To date there has been two reasons to crack open a champagne bottle stored in an Atlantic records cabernet as the Paisley boy's first two albums, Three Streets and Sunny Side Up have seen the releases of impressive singles such as Coming Up Easy and Candy. He rounds off today’s opening act with a version of MGMT's Time To Pretend achieving a 10/10 marking from DJ Greg James who classes his performance as 'Bloody Brilliant.'

It's about time we mentioned Marina & The Diamonds, despite just having one album behind her back Marina Diamandis has already achieved positive reviews from her live performances. Today she plays the In New Music We Trust stage, sadly the news that Biffy Clyo are playing over in the Live Lounge means that our own bouquet will have to wait for another day.

The Live Lounge is understandably rammed full of competition winners who managed to grab themselves a wristband allowing them entry to this years guest area. Biffy Clyo play a couple of numbers before their main stage booking later on in the day. The ever so prepared Jo Whiley announces their first track as Captain - They play Mountains! She then tells her radio listeners that the next track will be Alica Keys - It's Cheryl Cole! Maybe her lack of professionalism is down to the large bottle of Jack Daniels Biffy Clyo handed to her last year which she admits to finishing just yesterday; Or maybe it's because she is a really crap DJ who is running out of time to make a name for herself.

Radio DJ's who actually have broken the mould and become celebrities in their own right include Chris Moyles, Tim Westwood and Vernon Kay, all of which show off their DJ skills over at the Outdoor Stage throughout the weekend.

Yesterday’s ten-minute slot at the Main stage went to Justin Bieber who gave the worse performance since Jonathan King tried to defend himself in a Channel 4 documentary. Today's short but sweet act went to Jason Derulo who experienced a few gremlins in the works forcing him to walk off stage, walk back, play his three hits and leave the stage again!

Luckily everything went as smooth as clockwork for Ke$ha when she played 'Tick Tock' , every journalists pet hate as we need to be ambidextrous when typing her bloody stupid stage name!

Before Ke$ha two acts received mixed welcomes. The rising popularity for Paramore stood alongside the increasing hostility towards JLS. The Tennessee rock band fronted by red haired Hayley Williams had the tent jumping yet our three familiar X Factor rejects encountered boos. In fairness which all mainstream pop acts they shine when confined to their target audience yet outside the bubble they are as welcome as Chris Evans turning up on Radio 1's doorstep.

Biffy Clyo, now in front of an audience capacity which they are not only used to but also so rightly deserve have the on stage persona of a Chippendale show all thanks to their naked flesh from the waist up. Making observation that they seem to play outdoor stages in the rain and sheltered under big tops in the heat Simon ploughs through the bands magnificent back catalogue which has seen them ascend to arena status concerts later this year. The picturesque scenery from behind the disabled platform blending the skyline with Snowdonia's offspring’s mirrors the conquering sounds of Mountains which is played out in front of us.

Youmeatsix play the In New Music We Trust Stage yet the diva sounds of Rhianna entices the crowd back to the main Big Top.

The disabled platform is now more packed then Terry Wogan's bank account after Children In Need night. The priority given to wheelchairs upsets others, especially a stereotypical chav who managed to impregnate his girlfriend who is denied access.

With wheels firmly on the platform Rhianna gave a polished and thoroughly enjoyable set. Rude girl saw the Barbados star surrounded by dancers filming her every move whilst she took shelter edged towards the right hand side of the stage. More shelter from a metaphorically speaking angle sprinkled the notes of Umbrella and the old favourites such as Russian Roulette and SOS proved that tonight's performance was more enjoyable than a slap in the face.

Rounding off the weekend Vampire Weekend and Pendulum headlined the In New Music We Trust and the Main stages respectively.

The Radio 1 Big Weekend was yet another success this year and has declared the summer festival season well and truly open for 2010.