Avenue Q

Avenue q
Avenue q

Take a diversion off Sesame Street and you could find yourself wandering down Avenue Q, a weird and peculiar alley located in New York City, the neighbourhood are a strange bunch too.

There’s Princeton who has just graduated from college and trying to find the purpose in life, Brian, a struggling comedian, Nicky who lives with closet-homosexual Rod, Kindergarten teaching assistant Kate Monster who fancies Princeton, Trekkie Monster who is a porn addict and Gary Oldman from the seventies comedy series, Different Strokes. Gary is the only human, the rest of the folk who live on Avenue Q are puppets.

As you may have gathered by now Avenue Q only exists on stage and last night the Broadway smash-hit musical travelled to the Southampton Mayflower theatre continuing its tour around the UK. The show, which narrowly escaped a law suit from the real Gary Oldman, includes some of the wittiest musical numbers ever heard from a Broadway play. And thanks to titles such as ‘If You Were Gay’, & ‘The Internet Is for Porn’ there’s little worry of a Saturday night mediocre talent show searching for the next ‘Kate Monster’.

The coming-of-age musical sees the fabric cast tackling serious issues such as sex, equal equality, racism ( thanks to the catchy number, ‘"Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" and loneliness. Being a direct comparison to an adult-version of Sesame Street the play has interludes of educational films between acts shown on television monitors around the stage which teaches the audience such topics as One Night Stands; Something which Bert and Ernie never experienced, well not in front of the cameras anyway.

Avenue Q was originally penned for a television series, but the show evolved into a stage production in 2002, a year later the play found itself on Broadway where it played out for over 2,500 performances. Watched and loved by celebrities such as Elijah Wood, Tom Hanks and Judi Dench you can find out what all the fuss is about by catching the show on tour, but be warned...This puppet creation won’t be brought to you from the letters A, B or C, more likely the letters S, T and D!