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Unbelievable to open in London’s west end

puppeteer hands controlling people under the unbelievable logo

Brand new magic show, UNBELIEVABLE, will open in London’s West End at the Criterion theatre on the 19 September 2023 fusing together the best of theatre with illusion, sleight of hand and mind reading.

UNBELIEVABLE features a live band and a magic company of multi-talented performers with extraordinary gifts who bring to life, on stage, an evening of trickery that will leave audiences amazed.  

The audience will become an essential element of the show from the moment they set foot in

the theatre - the beating heart of the production. No two performances will be the same.  

Created, written and directed by UK stage and screen phenomenon Derren Brown, and long-time collaborators Andy Nyman and Andrew O’Connor. After decades of appearing on stage solo, this will be the first time that one of Derren’s shows will be performed by a cast  rather than himself.

Speaking on UNBELIEVABLE, Derren Brown said: “We have reimagined what a night of illusion would be. We have taken the love and experience we’ve put into my own stage work over twenty years and created, from the ground up, a proper, original, theatrical experience. I think we have liberated the magic show. It’s going to be a glorious thing.”  

Derren Brown will not appear on stage in Unbelievable.

[ UNBELIEVABLE opens at Criterion theatre in London’ West End from 19 September. For tickets go to visit the Unbelievable website ]

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