Want to be involved in a Theme Park project?

picture of two children riding a rollercoaster
picture of two children riding a rollercoaster Image credit:

A national UK theme park is organising an Accessible Day Planner to build on their already outstanding services they offer to disabled visitors and you can be part of the event.

The aim of the project is to make ride access information more accessible and inclusive. We have been developing an Accessibility Day Planner which provides guests with all the rides that are accessible to them based on their access needs. This will be available pre-visit, so our guests feel as prepared and have access to all the detailed information they need prior to arriving at the Resort. 

As part of this project and the Accessibility Day Planner we will be filming a series of videos around our coasters. The aim is to show the journey prior to boarding the ride, the loading procedures, what would happen in the case of an evacuation, and offload procedures. This will allow guests, especially those with accessibility needs, to make an informed decision before boarding one of our rides. 

Volunteer Participation:

We are looking for 2 groups of volunteers, with one member of the group having access requirements. As a volunteer you will be going on different rides across the Resort and will be involved in an evacuation drill which will be filmed and used on our website and Social Media platforms. Some of the evacuations will be at height and will involve either ladders or steep staircases. 

Prior to accepting you as a volunteer we will go through the ride restrictions to ensure that the drill is suitable to your needs and you are fully briefed on what to expect.  We will also require you to complete a filming release form providing your consent in taking part.

Health &Safety:

The health and safety of our guests and staff is always our number one priority. All of our teams are fully trained in ride evacuations and working at height. We perform these drills as part of our training on a regular basis and have the highest health and safety measures and risk assessments in place. 

ABLE2UK is looking for 2 groups of volunteers with a member who has accessible requirements. If you would like to be part of this exciting venture please email us putting ‘ROLLERCOASTER’ as the subject title.

Please notew by emailing you are agreeing for this to be forwarded to our partner in this project.