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Ian Cookfulness
Ian Cookfulness

Cookfulness is a series of six Cookery workshop sessions specially created for people with pain and/or conditions that make cooking difficult or seemingly off-limits.

You will learn amazing and very simple ways to adapt cooking, adapt ingredients and adapt dishes, so you can cook and celebrate them no matter how bad a day you are having! 

Mr Cookfulness 

Ian Taverner is a chronic pain and mental health survivor. He has a young family and, through these illnesses, regrettably missed a lot of family life, missed being a husband, being a dad. 

Now on an upward path out of adversity, Ian has dedicated his life to helping other fellow sufferers and their loved ones improve their quality of life through the therapeutic power of cooking, just as it has done for him. 

Ian will show you how to make 3 dishes in each session, with 6 sessions in this series, followed by a great chance to chat, ask questions and have some fun! As Ian says: “Cooking has given me a role, given me pride – both in myself and of others in me – it’s given me hope and given me some passion!” 

The Cookfulness concept 

Ian Taverner is the creator of a brand new type of cookbook – Cookfulness – which strip away many of the barriers associated with cooking, replacing them with positive stepping stones to help you achieve, no matter what type of day you are having. The ‘Cookfulness’ concept takes much of the mystery and pressure out of cookery, turning it into a joyful and rewarding activity for all. 

Ian won the Achiever of The Year award in 2021 from Able2UK 

He also is the new and only feature recipe writer for the national disability lifestyle magazines PosAbility and Able 

Most recently Ian was featured in Happiful magazine 

Sessions will be on a Friday afternoon 2pm – 3pm GMT starting 4th March - 8th April 

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You can sign up to the Cookfulness sessions via the Eventbrite website.