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Rapper B.Dolan opens up on back pain

b dolan

Since the critically acclaimed LP release in 2019 ’This Was Supposed To Be Fun’ via his artist duo pairing with Sage Frances, namely ‘Epic Beard Men’, rapper and poet B.Dolan returns after a tumultuous 4 year absence- during which he underwent massive spinal surgery during the pandemic and a lengthy recovery process-with the first single from a forthcoming LP entitled "The Wound Is Not The Body", due out Spring 2024.

Backed by dusty, moody organs and slapping production from the duo known as Widowmaker, "The Rock Cried Out" lyrically expands on a bar from the Nina Simone song "Sinnerman". Writing from the perspective of a rock, Dolan finds surprising veins of vulnerability in what he has to say about himself, humanity, and relationships subject to lifetimes and centuries.

Alongside this B. Dolan will embark on a string of UK tour dates, kicking off for a few shows at the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival, followed by more performances up and down the country, with support from UK 2023 Poetry Slam Champion Mithago Craze.

This was B. Dolan’s inspirational story about his spinal condition, and his incredible return to recovery:

‘Since about 2015, I'd been dealing with back pain while touring, which I'd always combated with short bouts of physical therapy or shrugged off. I'd lost nearly 100 lbs and tried various remedies, but the pain persisted. Flash forward to a few years ago during the pandemic, when I could no longer ignore the strange tremors in my left hand and a spreading numbness in my outer fingers and toes. After my wife's persistent urging and mostly thanks to the break in touring, I gave in and got an MRI.  

‘Turns out, things were far worse than I expected. Multiple vertebrae in my neck had collapsed, compressing my spine for roughly 3-5 years on the road, and my condition was escalating. The risk of neck down paralysis was looming. I sought opinions from several surgeons and landed on one who seemed confident about a successful though intense surgery. It was all happening fast, and as I prepared for the operation, I dug into meditation, support from loved ones, and tackled work that needed wrapping up. Surgery day arrived, and after several painful weeks of recovery and two years of nerve regeneration, I now find myself ready to get back onstage and release new music. 

‘Throughout this rollercoaster, my wife, friends, and medical professional have been pillars of strength. It's been a profound lesson in love, healing, and adapting. I'm beyond grateful for the care and support I've received. The idea of referring to myself as 'disabled' was something people around me originally resisted at first. When I'd express feelings about the new body I found myself in, many folks urged me NOT to think of myself 'that way'. It was only when a physiotherapist said to me clearly one day, when referring to my new reality: "You're disabled," that I actually felt relief at that confirmation. It felt like permission to move forward in a new way, rather than clinging to a harmful idea of 'normalcy' within myself or towards my body. The realities of touring and performing in this new body are still a big question mark in my mind, but I'm trying to approach it all with curiosity and self-awareness.’

UK Tour Dates:

29th August- Yes- Manchester

31st August- Hare & Hounds- Birmingham

1st September- Brudenell Social Club- Leeds

2nd September- Dareshack- Bristol

3rd September- The Hope & Ruin- Brighton

4th September- Oslo Hackney- London

6th September- The Ferret- Preston

7th September- Workman’s Club- Dublin

You can purchase tickets here

The Rock Cried Out is out now

[ For more information on B.Dolan follow him on bandcamp, x, facebook, instagram and visit his website ]

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