Our Guide to the Fringe – Part Two

Ed Gamble
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The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is in full swing and with thousands of people intending to descend on the city throughout August for the annual event you’d be wise to book your tickets for the shows at the top of your list as soon as possible.

This year three performances focus on diabetes type 1. It may seem an obscure subject to tackle but if you are looking for a sugar rush as you seek out the best shows in town you’d could do a lot worse than giving these a try.

Ed Gamble: Blizzard

Rising comedian Ed Gamble (pictured above) is no stranger at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This year he returns with Blizzard where he takes a light-hearted approach to having type 1 diabetes.

In an article for iNews last month Ed said: As a Type 1 diabetic, my pancreas has gone kaput. We never quite got to the bottom of why, but theories range from “immune system destroying the insulin-making cells” (the doctor’s theory) to “being too sexy” (my theory). With no way of my body regulating my blood glucose level, I have to try to do it manually.

Ed Gamble: Blizzard runs until 26th August at the Pleasure Courtyard.


Jade Byrne was just four-years-old when she was diagnosed with diabetes. Now 32 the actor and writer brings this unique show to the heart of Scotland.

The show features personal stories from parents who have diabetic children and how the condition affects the families.

Byrne told JDRF: “The show educates people about what it’s like to live with a lifelong illness like type 1 diabetes, its differences to type 2 and what it’s like for your family to deal with – but in a very funny and entertaining way. You’ll laugh and most probably cry too. It’s really about family and caring for each other. I’m really proud of it.”

Pricks runs until 27th August at The Cellar, Pleasance Courtyard.

Katie & Pip

Katie is a 15-year-old teenager with diabetes. Pip is her dog. Together they find out how the illness can become a hidden disability on a journey with mixed emotions.

Creators of the show Charlotte Berry and Rob Gregson said: “We were inspired to make the show due to the misrepresentation in the media surrounding type 1 diabetes, to challenge the stigma around type 1 diabetes and to raise further awareness of this very serious condition and of invisible disabilities in general. “

Katie & Pip runs until 12th August at The Old Lab, Summerhall.

For more shows at the festival which are based on disability take a peek at our earlier article.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe runs until 27th August. For a list of all shows visit their website.