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Meet The Noise Next Door

The Noise Next Door

The Noise Next Door are the kings of improvised comedy and they are coming to a town near you… The stars of Britain’s Got Talent and the U.K’s premier improv comedy troupe have taken the comedy world by storm and don’t look like slowing down.

“Hilarious… A superior kind of chaos” TELEGRAPH

The Noise Next Door make every single show a once in a lifetime comedy event that sees them take YOUR suggestions transform them into a cavalcade of hilarioussongs, scenes and characters.

“Comedy gold… Staggeringly well executed.” GUARDIAN

The Noise Next Door are twelve time sell-out veterans of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and one of the country’s most sought after comedy club headliners that leave audiences in awe of their lightning-quick wit and totally original comedic talents.They have been performing their own distinctive brand of off-the-cuff comedy together since they met at university.

“Phenomenal” DAILY MIRROR

They have appeared on numerous TV shows including The One Show’, ‘Britain’s GotTalent’ and ‘Roast Battle’. They have also appeared alongside the likes of Michael McIntyre, Katherine Ryan, Romesh Ranganathan and Harry Hill. They were nominated for a Chortle Award and receive standing ovations in front of corporate dinners, the British forces, secondary school students and even fans at the Download music festival, they are also one of the most versatile acts in the business.

“21st century comedy at its finest and funniest.” THE STAGE

Unstoppably funny and uniquely talented, The Noise Next Door are embarking on their seventh national tour in 2022 with their brand new show ‘Hometown Heroes’.


ROBIN HATCHER: originally an Essex boy, spent part of his childhood in Egypt, before returning and spending his teenage years in Bishops Stortford. He received a First Class Masters Degree in ‘Drama, Theatre Studies’ from the University of Kent. He joined themNND in January 2018 after performing with his slapstick trio ‘The Three Half Pints’. ‘The Three Half Pints’ went on three national tours and worked as writers and performers on the CBeebies series ‘Spot Bots’ and ‘Justin’s House.’ Robin is also a producer for puppetry company ‘Half a String’. In 2018 Robin was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and is vocal about how the condition affects him and in raising money for the MS Society

In 2021- Robin and fellow ‘Noise’ boy Matt undertook twelve sponsored physical challenges including cycling the circumference of the Isle of Wight and hiking an ultra-marathon. He has recently signed up to run the Brighton Marathon, which he will be running in April 2023 (right in the middle of the Hometown Heroes tour!)Robin enjoys cooking, video games, and the work of musical virtuoso Craig David.

He says “The best thing about touring is being LIVE. There’s no feeling like being onstage with a real audience. A lot of people started paying attention to us after our Britain’s Got Talent audition, but when Covid saw to it that the semi-finals would be filmed with no audience, we had to pull out of the competition. Now the hope is that all those people who liked what we did on BGT will come and see what it’s like in the flesh!"

MATTHEW GRANT: grew up in Kenya and Kent and spent his formative years making low budget films with his friends. Nothing has really changed as now he makes them with the NND.  He has a BA in Film Studies and an MA in Film Production so he should know what he’s doing. Matthew has also worked behind the scenes in TV and Film - in the Art Department on BBC’s ‘Mr Maker’, as Director for Nabiah Iqbal’s ‘Something More’ music video and as a Chicken Wrangler on BBC’s ‘Big Barn Farm’. Matthew is also a talented illustrator and has designed artwork for all sorts of projects from podcasts to postcards.

His other ‘achievements’ include breaking his humerus whilst dressed as a clown, winning Supermarket Sweep, and the fact that Luke Skywalker once made him a Yorkshire Pudding. Somehow, all of these things are true. Matthew loves rock climbing, paddle boarding, and the sort of holidays that Bear Grylls would approve of.

He says “I can’t wait for people to see our new tour show Hometown Heroes. We’re doing some really new and exciting things with improv comedy that people won’t have seen before. It will also be very funny - that goes without saying, right?!”

SAM PACELLI: half British, half Italian, all Coeliac and grew up in Sussex. Having spent his childhood as the class clown, Sam received a Masters Degree in ‘Stand-Up Comedy’ from the University of Kent. So if you don’t laugh at him, you’re denying the validity of the UK’s education system. In 2020 Sam started the ‘Movies In 15 Seconds’ TikTok page where he turned his love of all things Disney into a series of low-fi, high energy fifteen second recreations of all the animated Disney classics. The videos were a viral smash (with over 8 million views!) and Sam followed them with versions of all the Pixar movies and an advent calendar of twenty five Christmas film favourites. An avid fan of traditional Commedia Dell’Arte, Sam offers workshops in the ancient art form, as well as other masked theatre workshops for children and adults alike. His love of masks extends into the world of professional wrestling and writes for several wrestling websites.

He is an excellent cook, a dedicated follower of pretty much every sport in the world, and a big fan of lie-ins.

He says “My favourite thing about being on tour is getting to see so many different parts of the country, and getting to meet so many different types of people.”

TOM LIVINGSTONE: spent his childhood making up stories and being too loud in rural Devon. He received a Masters Degree in ‘Contemporary Performance Practice’ from the University of Kent and regrets that fact every time he has to explain what that actually means. He is married to stand-up comedian and author Laura Lexx. The two met at university and work together on various writing projects, they are also currently designing a board game together themed around the comedy industry. Tom and Laura once faced each other on Comedy Central’s ‘Roast Battle’... Tom won. Not that he ever brings that up.

As a self professed nerd, Tom spends his spare time with comic books, video games, Marvel movies, and Dungeons & Dragons. He’s even managed to transformed some of these hobbies into ‘work’ - developing a Marvel themed improv show for the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 with comedy duo The JustUs League, live streaming a D&D campaign in 2021 and he is currently writing for an indie video game releasing at some point in the future. Tom also enjoys fine dining, cheap drinking and walking his stupid, tiny dog.

He says: “What makes me very happy is that, despite 14 years on the road, I still love it. It’s still so much fun to do because every show is different and I get to perform alongside three guys who make me laugh every night. And they get to perform with me, which must be amazing, because I’m hilarious.”

For more information visit The Noise Next Door website.

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