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Supercar Experiences for disabled drivers

A Ferrari F430 Spider

New Adaptive Driving Experiences have been launched to help make it easier for people with a disability or visual impairment to get behind the wheel of a supercar.

The UK's leading driving experience provider has adapted a number of supercars to allow people with restricted arm and leg movement, as well as those who are visually impaired or totally blind, to enjoy the thrill of driving.

The package includes a dedicated junior driving with a disability provision to help children as young as 10 participate is working directly with a leading disability organisation that has specialised in giving people with a physical disability or visual impairment the opportunity to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime drives like these for many years. has partnered with a leading disability organisation to launch a new range of Adapted Supercar Driving Experiences, allowing people with a physical disability or visual impairment to enjoy the thrill of driving a supercar. 

The latest packages, which are open for people from as young as 10-years-old, are designed with accessibility in mind, with the cars specially adapted for those who have restricted arm or leg movement, ranging from single or double amputees to those with paralysis of one or two limbs. The packages are also suitable for people who have vision loss or are totally blind. 

Dan Jones, Operations Manager of said: "Few things come close to the adrenaline rush you get when driving a supercar around a racetrack, and we're incredibly proud to now be able to make this amazing experience accessible for both children and adults!

"The cars available on the new packages include the likes of stunning Ferraris and Lamborghinis, capable of speeds up to 202 mph which are among the dreams of many. However, these cars have been adapted with temporary or fixed hand controls and a steering ball, and they come with either a semi or automatic gearbox, making control much easier for those with limited limb functions." 

Jones continued: "Just because you have a physical disability or visual impairment, it does not mean experiences like this should be unavailable to you, and we want as many as possible to be able to enjoy driving a supercar around a track." 

Included in the wide selection of cars available are models from Lamborghini, Ferrari and Aston Martin, and they are available to be booked at three different locations across the UK - one in Yorkshire and two in Oxfordshire - which have been specifically chosen for their accessibility and facilities on site.  

['s experiences, visit the dedicated Driving with a Disability or Junior Driving with a Disability section on their website. ]

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