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Super Mario Toys from Epoch Games

Super Mario Games by EPOCH games

Tabletop games manufacturer, Epoch Games, has donated a selection of its popular Super Mario Games to ABLE2UK.

The three games, Super Mario Blow Up! Shaky Tower, Mario Kart Racing DX and Super Mario Hover Shell Strike, will make up a prize at one of the charity’s many events, helping to support its aim to raise awareness and educate people about disabilities. 

Super Mario™ and Mario Kart™ games from Epoch Games incorporate a range of officially licensed, exciting, and unique tabletop action and family board games based on the popular Nintendo video games and its characters. Whether you’re racing around the track, defeating Bowser and Mario’s foes, or playing classic arcade-style games, there’s an unlimited amount of fun to be had with Epoch Games. What’s more, the Epoch Games Super Mario™ LINK System enables players to swap the highly detailed and collectible playing figures between games.  

The three games donated by Epoch Games are:

Super Mario Blow Up! Shaky Tower - A game that puts your nerves and skills to the test! Can you steadily place your favourite Mario figure on the tower? Beware, if the tower shakes too much then the ball will drop and send all the characters flying! 

Mario Kart Racing DX - On your marks, get set, go! Inspired by the world of Classic Mario Kart, race your friends around the action-packed track! Overcome and champion the winding road, the pop-up stairs, the treacherous seesaw bridge, the dirt boards, the tilting slope and the daunting hill climb! Who can complete five laps the fastest and win the race – will it be Mario or Luigi? 

Super Mario Hover Shell Strike - Featuring the iconic Koopa Trooper’s shell, play air hockey anytime, anywhere there’s a flat surface! Use the paddles to shoot your shell to your opponent’s side but make sure you ace the return so you can win the game! 

Other Super Mario games from Epoch Games include Rally Tennis, Route ‘n GO!, Adventure Game DX, Fire Mario Stadium, Piranha Plant Escape, Lucky Coin, Super Mario Air Hockey and three Super Mario Balancing Games. 

The full range of Super Mario games is available at all good toy stores.

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