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At Oliver Sweeney, we’re fuelled by our obsession for contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship.

Founded in Britain in 1989, we’ve been making shoes great for over 25 years. Taking diverse inspiration from around the world and filtering it through a British lens, we source the highest quality materials to craft shoes, clothing and accessories that reflect our customers’ individuality, flair and success.

Our obsession with doing things properly starts with those very customers. Connoisseurs, captains of industry and self-made men, they have been searching for something different that makes a statement about who they are. Once they discover Oliver Sweeney, they fall in love with the way we do things. 

They’re obsessed because they know we are too. From great design to great craftsmanship, great product to great customer service, we’re constantly refining our skills and striving for new ways to take the traditional and make it modern.

Our factory in the Italian Marche embodies this process: run for generations by a family of shoemakers, our contemporary British designs are handcrafted with a dash of Mediterranean flair, softening the stiff upper lip of traditional manufacturing without compromising on quality.

We’re not a heritage brand, but we have an obsession with great craftsmanship. We’re not a fashion brand, but we have an obsession with brilliant design.

At Oliver Sweeney, our obsession is infectious.

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