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MZ Light takes care of your skin

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MZ Skin, an innovator in scientific skincare, has added a gold standard moisturisation complex to its range of advanced formulations. 

Combining hydrating, brightening and skin-firming activities, and the first ever bio-identical human collagen designed for topical skincare, the results-driven complex is available in both a lightweight and a rich cream variation to suit all skin types. Multi-molecular hyaluronic acid delivers an instant burst of hydration and penetrates deeply for long-lasting results. 

Innovative, first-of-its-kind bio-identical human collagen plumps, firms and lifts. Peptide complex is stabilised with infused gold particles to maximise reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Antioxidant-rich cotton stem cells repair and protect against free radical and UV damage. Clever encapsulated microalgae use intelligent melanin modulation to reduce pigmentation while preserving the skin’s natural skin tone.

The Light Moisturiser is light and fast-absorbing, while The Rich Moisturiser is rich and replenishing! Both moisturisers are primed for daily use and feature 5 state-of-the-art actives in combination with six natural oils and extracts for targeted and effective results.


Delivers instant and long-lasting hydration. Small molecules demonstrate a clear advantage in quickly penetrating and moisturising the skin. Increases elasticity up to 12.74% after 30 minutes, increases skin smoothness up to 7.57% and 6.16% after 30 and 120 minutes and decreases wrinkles by -6.81% and 4.53% after 30 and 120 minutes.


Innovative melanin modulation to brighten and even skin tone. A blend of green and brown microalgae fractions biotechnologically selected and encapsulated in liposomes for enhanced delivery to the skin dramatically reduces the intensity of skin age spots in just 28 days and preserves the natural skin tone after 28 days through the inhibition of the overproduction of melanin.


The first ever vegan collagen designed specifically for topical skincare increases skin elasticity by 107% after 4 weeks, decreases skin redness by 47% after 4 weeks, increases skin collagen by 7% just after 2 weeks, decreases wrinkles by 10% after 4 weeks and delivers powerful results without irritating the skin.


Protects against photo-induced ageing by complementing and boosting the skin cells’ own defence mechanisms. Helps repair and protect against free radical and UV damage.


Matrigold complex contains peptide actives infused with gold particles which creates a shield protecting the peptides from degrading enzymes and enhances skin penetration of the peptide through different skin layers.


The key difference is driven by the base, however, The Rich Moisturiser has a higher percentage of sodium hyaluronate

(to deliver deeper hydration).

+ Vegetable butter & waxes are used in The Rich Moisturiser instead of petroleum

+ The vegetable butter in The Rich Moisturiser is a combination of castor oil, beeswax, and Carnauba wax

+ The Rich Moisturiser includes polymers and cellulose ingredients to thicken the formulation, contributing to the texture

+ The squalane in The Light Moisturiser is a light oil, which is used to replace the olus oil for premium moisturisation without feeling heavy and clogging pores

[ For more information visit the MZ Skin website. ]

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