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LOVE HERO produces planet conscious clothing

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LOVE HERO produces planet conscious clothing infusing print, colour and inclusivity into a vibrant collection inspired by, and in respect of, Mother Earth. Each piece is designed to help the wearer form an emotional connection with their clothes. 

This is dopamine dressing with a chic global traveller edge, pristine statement prints and impeccable attention to detail. 

The genderless collection includes tailoring, dresses, jersey, separates and a range of accessories.

Founded in 2021 by Joshua Scacheri, the ex-Head of Design at DAKS (and contestant on Heidi Klum’s Amazon TV show Making the Cut), alongside Heather McDonough and Tanja Mrnjaus LOVE HERO believes there’s no stronger bond than memory and emotion. Clothes should incite this so that they are kept forever; the antithesis of fast fashion, where items have no lasting meaning and are discarded. 

It’s an ethos that has garnered the brand multiple award nominations for the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2023.

The seasonless capsule collections are shaped by two distinct stories; ‘Nature’s Echo’ is a reflection of an emotional sensory experience where we reconnect with nature and its surroundings.

We find kimono style dresses, kaftans, lounge pants, shirts, 100% GOTS organic cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts, relaxed lightweight trench coats and loose fitted  tailoring in bold pinks, blues, all-over florals, and prints inspired by the annual rings of a tree trunk – the ongoing growth and evolution of nature. ‘Second Layer’ is inspired by the relationship artists have with the canvas they paint on. 

The first layer of material acts as a foundation to allow an artist to create their work, this material can be used once or several times with the layering process. 

Here we find elegant and charged paint stroke designs and floral illustrations. 

The process involved up-cycling items from ‘Nature's Echo’ and evolving as many styles as possible into new stand-alone pieces. 

These methods are creative, but also sustainable and commercially viable, ready to be implemented with an on demand production method. The redesign process involves looking at garments that could be transformed without creating new waste. 

Some of the garments have been separated to two new pieces, while trousers were sliced and tonal contrast panels added from left over fabric to create newness to a garment. 

To address the issue of waste within this process, the parts of the trousers that had been removed were then made into accessories. 

As in the natural world, where life evolves and grows into something else, so too are the pieces at LOVE HERO circular and ever evolving, with new capsule collections born from the previous.

As well as the circular nature of the product, LOVE HERO strives to consistently improve its sustainability credentials, working with micro-factories, many of them in London, some in Europe, which make everything on demand to eliminate waste. 

The brand ensures that 100% sustainable fabrics are used throughout, with ethical sourcing and manufacturing. 

There is also BlockChain technology to trace a products life-cycle, which is visible to customers.

[ For more information visit the LOVE HERO website. ]

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