Barbie launches career dolls

barbie career dolls
barbie career dolls

Barbie has a CV which includes more than 200 professional careers over her 60-year history! The 60th career dolls celebrates her most iconic roles in careers still underrepresented by women, including an astronaut, pilot, footballer, firefighter, news anchor and political candidate dolls. With each career Barbie wears a themed outfit with related accessories.

The career dolls have their own unique look, with different body types, skin tones, eye colours and hairstyles. With the career dolls, Barbie inspires girls that you can be anything, because when a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become!

Career 60th Doll Astronaut

Barbie started her Astronaut career in 1965, 4 years before the first man step on the moon, and has been an astronaut for generations of girls, going back to the moon in 1986 and 2013! Barbie astronaut doll shoots for the stars in a professional look with themed accessory. A white space helmet, gloves and shoes ensure astronaut Barbie doll is ready to help imaginations blast off during playtime!

Career 60th Doll Athlete

Barbie has taken up football to become a player in the game! Have fun with Barbie while you enjoy the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup which kicks off in June 2019! Barbie’s football kit even has a special number - "59" the year she was created! Striped yellow socks and white sneakers ensure soccer player Barbie doll is ready to run the field, a classic football helps imaginations win big during playtime!

Career 60th Doll Firefighter

It was 1995 when Barbie was first a firefighter and she is back ready to do it all again. Barbie firefighter doll celebrates one of her most iconic roles from her 200+ resume.

Career 60th Doll Presidential Candidate

Barbie has run for president six times since 1992, showing generations of girls you can be anything. Following her successful bid in 2016 (on an all-female ticket!) in 2019 she runs again! A silvery bangle and black shoes complete the politician's winning look.

Career 60th Doll Pilot

Barbie has flown through her career in the airline industry! She started her career as a flight attendant in 1961, then in 1991 she took to the sky as an Air Force Pilot and has grown through the ranks to becoming an airline Pilot in 1999. Fast forward 20 years and is back in the Pilots seat, shooting for the sky! Her blue pilot's uniform is just the ticket with details that include pilot insignia.

Barbie Career dolls are on sale now RRP £11.99 Age 3+ Each Doll Sold Separately.