Upcoming Singer Sophia Dady opens up about battle with OCD

Sophia Day
Sophia Day

Sophia Dady is a singer/songwriter/musician with a diversity of influences which derive from trad jazz, pop, folk, and strong ties with Tori Amos and Kate Bush. Her music has a unique combination of styles which intertwine between 70’s funkadelica, 80’s pop, and contemporary folk, but also also feels like something completely fresh and new.

Having grown up in a household rich amidst the arts Sophia inherited the creative side of her parents from an early age, and through this gained many years of experience to become an accomplished musician and singer. It wasn’t until after Sophia had raised her family that she has recently pursued this passion to create, and as a self-taught songwriter wanted to project her real life experiences of love, lust, power, and pain!

Sophia has always felt that her art should be something real which the listeners can relate to and feel a real connection with her through the music.

In an exclusive piece for ABLE2UK Sophia opens up about how she coped through a difficult stage through her early life and a condition she still has to overcome today…

‘I was 14 years old when my father died of a brain tumour and it was also during this time that I started to “compose”, venting my emotions through the power of song.

During this very stressful time of my father’s three year illness, I was particularly worried about my mother, as she developed anxiety and panic attacks -which after my father died, turned into agoraphobia - and I tried to compensate and cover for her the best I could. Being very proud, she did not want anyone to know - My coping mechanism? OCD (Obsessional Compulsive Disorder), and something of which, I am still plagued with today! I have, however, managed to calm this down and mask these tendencies. My family love me all the more for my oddities! But when I was growing up it was a real problem. I dropped out of school at the most important time of my education while my father was dying, due to the fear that he would die whilst I was there, and I just could not function properly. After his death, my OCD ramped up as the pressure was on me to look after my mother. I was fearful I would lose her too. I knew I had to look after her and all of this responsibility on a 14 year old was too much to cope with. My repeatedly, locking doors, checking cookers, kissing her and patting her 50 times plus on her head (or more if the voice in my head told me to!) were all part of making her safe…My friends were very supportive and just seemed to understand that I was different. They all knew how I needed to wrap my mother up in cotton wool and not let her out of my sight! At the age of 18, if I was out, I would call her several times to make sure she was okay and to tell her when I was coming home - I was a good girl!! even my boyfriends accepted that she was part of the package!!

My OCD remained constant throughout my life, even now but manageable and hidden from the outside (well, that’s what I think - the rest of the world probably think I'm bonkers!).

So how did I get peace from this? Through my songs… my hands play and the words flow - whatever my emotional state at whatever time, is vented through my music, my healing…

As I mentioned before, my family are very supportive and my husband is a very patient man. We go for walks every night to watch the sun go down - even if this is in the middle of dinner! He even checks the doors for me when I am too tired, sits up in bed with me so I can watch the clock change to a time that I feel is safe before lying down and holding hands until we fall asleep… my life is not so bad….

The debut EP ‘Closure’ has been produced by George Shilling (Frank Turner, Primal Scream, Blur) and is due for release on Friday 5th May 2017. It can be pre ordered here now:

For more information on Sophia Dady please visit – her website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.