Songwriter Chris Tavener supports people with anxiety

Chris Tavener
Chris Tavener

In December 2016, Chris put together a Christmas single called 'Selling Out For Christmas', a comedic take on the motivations of multi-millionaire rock stars who write Christmas-themed, cliché-ridden pop songs to bolster their career.

Far from actually selling out, Chris partnered up with local charity, Mines Advisory Group, a charity recently endorsed by Prince Harry. Manchester-based Mines Advisory Group (MAG) helps towards the removal of land mines in conflict-affected communities. Land mines leave innocent men, women and children with debilitating injuries and MAG aims to help those who have suffered as well as educate communities towards the dangers. Practically, they also remove the land mines.

Chris said "it's a charity that has been a part of my family for many years since my older sister has worked for them for over ten years. I decided to donate 50% of all digital and physical sales of the single to MAG. They're doing brilliant work and they deserve as much exposure as they can get"

As a member of the North West music scene and national touring act, Chris has met hundreds of musicians from all walks of life. Some of his closest friends and peers have suffered with anxiety and depression. It can manifest itself in breakdowns on stage, walk outs from venues and nights of excessive drinking.

He said "I have consoled and driven home those who have suffered at a moment's notice. Plus I often hear of musicians I know writing about their pain in songs and sometimes struggling so much that they quit music. I know one anxiety sufferer that even has trouble with crowded spaces, a problem that can be very troubling for live performers."

The music business is very tough and competitive, you need a high confidence and resilience to survive which is why musicians can often find their self-esteem sinking in troubling times.

Luckily, musician's form strong communities, many musicians channel their physical and psychological problems into their music plus the support is always at hand from many of their fellow musicians like Chris. Chris' upcoming live show, due for announcement in June, will partially deal with themes of performer's anxiety.

You can find out more about Chris on his Facebook Page, Twitter HandleYouTube channel and his Offical Website

 Apocalypse Prediction is out on Friday 2nd June.