Singer Paul Holden opens up about his disability

Paul Holden
Paul Holden

UK singer/songwriter Paul Holden opens up about his disability amidst the release of his new EP ‘Say It To The Sun' exclusively for ABLE2UK.

'I was diagnosed with Nemaline Myopathy around the age of 5. I think it was a slight relief to my family as up until then, they had no idea why had this weakness. Up until that point all other specialists were drawing a blank. I got told I was just a lazy boy by one of them! Because it is such a rare condition, I think there was a worry amongst my family as nobody knew very much about it all (life expectancy, how it progresses etc.). It wasn’t really until the internet came about that we started to get some clarity. It turns out it was a non-progressive variant of the disease and life expectancy is normal (as long as I learned how to not go overboard with the partying!!)

Becoming a musician wasn’t something that was in my mind at a young age, even though my mum sent me to piano lessons when I was 7 or 8 (which I really didn’t enjoy!). This was a life changing thing she did for me, I just didn’t know it yet! We didn’t really live in an area where kids went to my piano lessons if you know what I mean but she just wanted me to do something different!! It was only when I started to become obsessed with music (around the age of 16), I remembered I knew a few chords from them piano lessons and that’s where the musical journey began.

Looking back, the fact that I had this disability literally didn’t faze me. I was pretty fearless in everything I done! It’s the way I was brought up. I guess a mind-set of “if you want to do something, just go and do it”. So the thought of being on stage in front of people wasn’t an issue what so ever. I was more concerned about writing my first great song, which happened when I was 20. A song called “Butterflies”, which changed everything for me. Not long after that, a band was formed around me. We played some massive shows 2000 people, 7000 people, and 10,000 people!! I guess the fact that I play piano made the fact that I was in a wheelchair even more insignificant as I would be sitting down anyway wouldn’t I?! The most important thing is that the music was that good, people just didn’t care less! Being a singer in rock ‘n’ roll band is THE best feeling in the world, whether you’re standing up, sitting in a chair, or standing on your head! 

My solo career started around 2012 when my song-writing started to take a more mature turn. The songs weren’t really suited to a balls out rock ‘n’ roll band. They were becoming more delicate and intricate. My first official release was in December 2019 and I’m not sure why it took me so long but here we are. This new release “Say It To The Sun” is a step up from my first one and I’m very proud of it.

I guess looking back on my life so far, there is a clear message here to anyone with a disability and that is don’t ever let it hold you back. You are always going to come across sad, little souls who won’t accept it, but you’ve got to learn to just not accept them! Crack on and live life to the full!'

About Paul Holden:

Hailing from Liverpool, hugely gifted singer/songwriter Paul Holden is back with his new EP ’Say It To The Sun’, following the release of his video ‘Help Me Anytime You Want’.

Coming from strong roots previously fronting band ‘The Talkabouts’, and having performed with The Pretenders, China Crisis, and The Bluetones, Paul’s solo career took off amidst covering ‘Imagine’ at Liverpool’s M&S Arena to 10,000 people as part of ‘The Number One Project’ for charity.

Paul exceeds his reputation in the new single with a contemporary synth based sound, whilst sitting perfectly alongside his hauntingly beautiful melodies, and dulcet tones.

The mystique surrounding Paul’s musical journey has always been prevalent, due to the fact that he suffers from a rare muscle condition called ‘Nemaline Myopathy’ that has resulted in him being in a wheelchair.

Un-phased, Paul Holden has returned with his spellbinding new EP ‘Say It To The Sun’ which is out now:

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