Singer Claudia Balla talks anxiety and mental health

Claudia Balla
Claudia Balla

Singer/songwriter Claudia Balla explores recent times and instability, showcasing how this can affect our mental health and anxiety, whilst providing a strong reminder to actually, live in the present for an exclusive ABLE2UK article.

‘We are living in strange times. Back in 2019, who wondered a pandemic would emerge, forcing us to lock ourselves up in our homes, deprive ourselves from each other’s company and give up many of our favorite pastimes for the sake of preserving our physical health. It seemed as a reasonable risk and a logical sacrifice at the time. 

As the virus seemed to wane and we were about to rejoice, new trouble appeared on the horizon: war, a devastating enemy we seemed to have forgotten, is eating its way into Europe. 

Now more than ever, we seek reassurance, stability and predictability. We all want to go back to 2019 - or even earlier- where were seemed to be living in security during a period of economic prosperity, despite some “minor” challenges like global warning or a potential demographic crisis. We are creatures of nostalgia. 

Despite our tendency to dwell on the past, history does seem to repeat itself as we keep making the same mistakes all over again. 

The Homo sapiens always had a fascination regarding the future as well. From prophets to shamans, from witches, clairvoyants to gambling, we desperately want to foresee what is yet to come. 

But we can’t and we never did - we simply cannot tell what the future has in store for an individual, a group of people or humanity in general. 

I sometimes ask myself whether life was easier if we knew at birth where our path would lead us. “First heartbreak caused by a certain Jenny at age 8 and a half, losing granddad at 12, diagnosis of ulcerative colitis at 31, 2 divorces, a successful family business plus an SUV by 40, and finally death at 52 from a ruptured brain aneurysm.”- Just to give a random example. 

This knowledge, even though it might give us the impression of a certain degree of control and predictability, would definitely diminish the excitement accompanying the whole process. 

Furthermore, this yearning of the future removes us from the present moment - from all its splendor, hardship, joy or sorrow. It is the most crucial moment in our life in which we can actually make a difference. So why not be more present?’

About Claudia Balla
Switzerland based singer/songwriter Claudia Balla has established her name as an exciting talent, and one to watch.
Claudia has tackled various issues in her songs, including the current social status of women in Perfect, and she’s tackled climate change in ‘Miracle’ ft. Mané. 
She has also recorded a bilingual, winter-themed duet with the renowned Swiss singer, Sonia Grimm in 'Likely/Si vous saviez’.
She’s back again this time with new track, ‘why' the second single from her forthcoming album ‘ALICE’. 
In ‘why’, Claudia invites us into her own version of a Wonderland; presenting a somber and sometimes lonely dystopia, but portrayed in a delicate, hopeful, and relatable manner. With the backdrop of synthy, electronic, and cyber sounding production- she creates the sound for a new world, in a different dimension.
Gravitating back sonically to her previous work, Claudia also stretches her songwriting further, both melodically and lyrically.
The story within the video shows partisans overthrowing the ‘system', an economic crash, and the first signs of a climatic catastrophe. 
As the narrator of the song is being defeated by an unnamed enemy, our reality is suffering the same blow. This poses the simple question, "why?", which is being repeated throughout the song. Is it really the end this time, as predicted, or can we still make things right? 

Claudia Balla’s brand new album ALICE is out now

For more information visit Claudia Balla’s website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.