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Rising singer discusses mental health

Mackenzie James Cregan

Rising singer Mackenzie James Cregan writes for ABLE2UK sharing his thoughts about mental health.

Being a young musician, constantly surrounded by other artists and creatives alike, you start to notice a commonality in harsh self-criticism and doubt.

However, when artists start to put aside their own insecurities, and stop comparing themselves to others, they start to learn from each other, gaining more knowledge in their craft, instead of being competitive and not furthering themselves creatively.

Now of course as humans, we have those who are more introverted and those who are more extroverted. These two traits are highly amplified by those in the arts. For example a painter who is considered to be more introverted may be more hesitant to show his/her art to the world, where as an extroverted lead singer is ready to run out on stage and show off their talents to an audience of thousands! But both types of people have self-doubts. An extroverted performer may never feel like they’re doing well enough, beating themselves up emotionally after a show, taking it out on the band or the people he or she is closest to. Whereas an introverted artist may spend days or even weeks without speaking to anyone, closing themselves off to the ones who care about them, including the ones who want to help.

Young artists like myself are more prone to this type of mental health issue, more than our older, wiser counterparts who have been in the creative industries for a much longer time. The ones that have lasted have seemed to learn how to cope with their insecurities by embracing them, allowing themselves to get on with their work.

As we all know mental health doesn’t just affect artists. It affects all types of people on so many levels. Some people are born with some severe mental disorders. Others have personality traits that include anxiety, paranoia, self-doubt, narcissism, etc. These traits stop a person from achieving their goals. And it’s a shame, because I know people with these traits. Most of them are talented people who still haven’t faced them. They need help, but refuse or don’t know how to get it. Regardless of what it is, it is important for people who have the capability to seek help to go out and get it. As well as those around them to lend a helping hand.

Talking to a friend, a family member, another person in your field about what you’re going through is so important. And when it comes to extremely sensitive artists, don’t be ashamed of your sensitivity. Whether you’re a man, a woman, gay, straight, bi-sexual, transgender. You’re emotions matter. And your voice deserves to be heard. So face up, reach out, and speak up. Never stop creating, never stop learning, and never doubt who you are. Because there can only be one of you. You are irreplaceable.

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