Ras Kass tells us about losing his gran

Jamo Gang
Jamo Gang

Ras Kass (pictured above on the left) from US supergroup Jamo Gang tells ABLE2UK about the stressful and extremely upsetting period when he loss somebody very close to him to breast cancer.

We are extremely privileged he took time out to write this exclusive article…

‘My maternal Grandmother is named Mercedes Batiste. Because our parents worked demanding government jobs. She, more than anyone raised me, my siblings and virtually all the local children. My mother is pathetic at the art of obscenities but Mercedes, cursed like a sailor so people who know our family know that I even have her foul-mouth lol. Unfortunately after 2 mastectomies Mercedes succumbed to Metastatic Breast Cancer and I was robbed of one of my favourite people on earth.

‘We all deal with grief differently, but a long painful protracted death stuck with morphine drips seems antithetical to a humane dignified death so in my case I was relieved that my Grandmother no longer had to suffer. It wasn’t until about a year later that my own selfish needs kicked in and I would tear-up from time to time. But it was only natural- I missed her. And I still miss her today. Only later would I understand the brunt of death is on the living because we yearn the companionship of that loved One. So it’s important to show each other love and appreciation while we can!

‘So i am donor advocate/donor in the fight against breast cancer: Years ago my overly-macho peers would question why I randomly wore pink to which i would proudly say 'breast cancer awareness. I love Boobs, don't you?!' I still do.

‘I’m active in supporting women who survive MBC having a full life and regaining their feeling of ‘womanhood’ whether it's through reconstructive surgery, or leaving the surgical results as a testament to their struggle and strength. Many get tattoos. So I'd like to dedicate our song Lighters Up to these brave people and we hope that all heroes have the best quality of life we can give them.’

Jamo Gang- The 1st Time (featuring DJ Premier and Slug of Atmosphere)

Jamo Gang (Ras Kass, El Gant, and J57), have teamed up with Slug of Atmosphere and DJ Premier for the new posse cut ‘The 1st Time’.

The undeniable production of DJ Premier shines through on this track with verses from all three members of Jamo Gang, and the ever smooth/reflective flow of Slug (Atmosphere.)

With the visual also being a directorial debut by J57, Jamo Gang are here to stay!

So sit back to a timeless beat, some incredible verses from some of the best rappers in the game, and just enjoy it!



Jamo Gang- Walking With Lions (album)

Jamo Gang, the newest hiphop supergroup to have come out of the USA have dropped their highly anticipated debut album ‘Walking With Lions’.

Consisting of LA legend Ras Kass, NYC emcee El Gant, and veteran producer J57, the album also features DJ Premier (producing ‘The 1st Time’), Slug (Atmosphere), Slaine, Sick Jacken & Sid Wilson from Slipknot.

Already charting in the top 20 on release, ‘Walking With Lions’ embodies head-nodding boom-bap infused hiphop, mixed with sonically lush soundscapes awash with intricate drums.

Ras Kass & El Gant head up the majority of lyrics exploring a myriad of subject matter ranging from the tragedy of school shootings in the US, to what life would suddenly become like with the prospect of a nuke set to arrive in just 38 minutes.

To listen to the album click here.

For more information on Jamo Gang visit their website Facebook and Instagram pages.

For advice and support about breast cancer visit the Breast Cancer UK website.