Rapper Youthstar and Miscellaneous talk mental health

Youthstar and Miscellaneous
Youthstar and Miscellaneous

British rappers Youthstar and Miscellaneous tell us how the Covid-1`9 pandemic has effected them, and the Music Business

‘We are Youthstar and Miscellaneous, two British rappers based in France. Music is our career, and a large part of both our lives!

We wanted to touch on the subject of just how important it is to us, how the global pandemic affected us, others in our industry mentally, and how we did our best to use this difficult time in a positive manner to create.

The music industry is an amazing scene to be involved in, however it can be hard on you mentally and physically at the best of times, from touring around the world which is an incredible chance, seeing beautiful places and meeting new people, but with that comes being away from loved ones for weeks, sometimes months on end.. 

The incredible shows we get to perform, but the extreme fatigue that comes with it, the nonstop, on the move lifestyle and the anxiety that comes with that etc...

When the Pandemic hit, all of this came to a standstill literally overnight (in the true sense of the meaning), we were all set up to go on the brand new GS5 Tour with Chinese Man, Baja Frequencia and Scratch Bandits Crew, when the French president (like many others) declare boarders close, full lockdown… 

We had the whole new stage set up at the first venue of the tour, the tourbus outside the venue ready to leave the next day, everything set! When we heard it was all cancelled, after all the months of work (for some well over a year of preparation,) the feeling was nothing short of a bombshell of utter disappointment, sadness, anger, anxiety and loss...!

And little did we know at the time, just how long this was going to continue and effect all of us as hard as it has?!

During the first few months, the mixed of emotions was wild, on the one hand we missed the stages, shows, performing, income etc, but on the other hand, it gave us true time to spend with certain family, Miscellaneous lives with his lovely lady and at the time their new baby son, and Youthstar with his girlfriend, however not able to spend time with his 2 daughters who he was separated from in another country for months was not easy at all!

During this time, with the uncertainty of so much, we decided to rack our brains together, and thought why not use this time to create some new material…?

We had both recently built home studios, which gave us the opportunity to write new music and actually record, which before wasn't an option and we would always need access to actual full working studios, wherever we could, but due to lockdowns, that wasn't an option...

This is where the whole "OUT PAST CURFEW" Album idea was first born!

We didn't go in with an exact plan of what we wanted to do, just that we wanted to create new songs together!

So we started to contact different producers we know for beats/loop ideas, and off we went! It was incredible just how fast things started to come together, then with lockdown restrictions slowly lifting on boarders, and travelling for work purposes, Miscellaneous would travel to Barcelona to work with Youthstar in person. We did some of the work separately and the rest together!

We got our girlfriends involved as well, who helped us shoot 2 music videos for the project (2 SHOTS NO CHASER & SNEAKERS, KICKS, TRAINERS, CREPS), it was awesome.

The label Chinese Man Records were really into the whole project we had created, and soon we were talking about deadlines and releasing the album.

So it just goes to show, even in what seems the hardest of times, where there is no light at the end of the tunnel, if you put your mind to it, there is always positives to take out of bad situations!

We now have a new album out, a new LIVE show we have created alongside DJ VeX, and more music on the way for 2022 from us! Can't wait to share it with you all.

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