Nikki Loy survives a gun attack

Nikki Loy
Nikki Loy

Singer/ Songwriter Nikki Loy was involved in an incident happened at 10:30pm on a Friday night when a speeding car drove past a campervan parked at Swanbourne Lake in Arundel, wound down their window, took aim, and fired a gun that shattered the glass of the camper and terrified the owner inside.

Speaking to ABLE2UK Loy tells us about that fateful night and how she was affected after the near-fatal attack.

‘I was launching a new album earlier in the year on a 32 date national tour supporting X Factor winner Sam Bailey, so I was all over the country in my campervan doing preparation and radio shows.

It was a Friday night and I pulled over to make some dinner before night driving - It’s easier, less traffic. I’d been stopped there for about two hours when I heard a car with a loud exhaust race by, and a big bang. I knew my van was hit. I nervously investigated and discovered my window was shattered. Something from passing car had broken it. It was too high to be a ricocheted stone so I presumed foul play.

That properly scared me, so with heart pounding I jumped in the driver’s seat and drove off. I didn’t stop until I was at a friend’s place where I could temporarily repair my window. Temperatures dropped to -3 that night so a big hole in my camper was the last thing I needed, that, wrecked travel plans and expensive repairs!

The next morning when I inspected the damage properly, I found a bullet hole. I then searched through all the broken glass and found a pellet. I knew then that someone in the car that passed me had wound down the window, taken aim and fired at my van on purpose. No accidental damage - It was wilful intent! I was furious. That person had no idea what was the other side of that window or who they were harming. They were very lucky I wasn't standing there or they would have hit me too!

I did report it to the police but they closed the case immediately because I couldn't give them any leads.

I can’t say that in the aftermath I had one clearly defined reaction to the shooting incident. It’s been multifaceted. Initially I was shocked and confused. I didn’t know what had really happened just that I had to attend to my needs and focus on repairing the damage and securing the van again, so I was practical, hands on, doing what needed to be done whilst resolving to be more careful in future.

The next morning when I found the window had actually been shot out I felt rage! Rage at the persons responsible and more rage when the police closed the case due to lack of evidence. I was angry that no one would be held to account and that I couldn’t get justice.

I have never felt victimised, not as ‘Nikki Loy’ anyway. The attack wasn’t against me. The attacker had no idea who was inside, it was just a random act of vandalism on a random van. I suspect that really the attack was against Van Lifers in general. That makes me sad. That people who know nothing about the van owner, their lives and motivations, should make snap judgements and attack like that. That’s one of the reasons I went to the press about it. I wanted to shine some light, reveal myself, and in doing so hopefully reveal the attackers to the community. I wanted to reach out to them and communicate that it wasn’t just a van, it was a real person they had effected. This real person and hopefully shatter their preconceptions.

People talk a lot about fear, and many define their lives by it. I confess, I have had a lot of fear over choosing this adventurous life, but the truth is that the scariest part of all of this has not been the actual attacks or their aftermath… But fearing they would happen at all. Though they were indeed troubling in the moment, the worry and fear that came before was far worse than the actual event. Now I know that I try not to entertain those emotions at all because it’s never going to be how you think it will play out, and so why waste emotional energy on it? Instead I choose to live in the moment, with positive expectation, and that brings a more joyful experience of life. ‘



Now Nikki is back with the third single from her album; ‘Tongue-Tied’ - A feisty and defiantly high energy pop tune remixed by Neros Music talks about standing up for who you are, and showcases the importance of this in society’s current climate.

The Launch night for Tongue Tied will take place at the gorgeous Shoreditch Treehouse on the 9th November! Tickets are on sale now through Eventbrite

You can pre-order a copy of Tongue Tied, released on 10th November via iTunes.

For more information visit Nikki Loy’s official website.