Musician Claudia Balla speaks mental health

Claudia Balla
Claudia Balla

Musician Claudia Balla has just dropped her stunning new EP ‘Fix You’. But it’s not just her musical talents which she has under her belt.

Away from making music Claudia looks after those suffering from mental health. Here she writes for ABLE2UK about her profession which, for some, is their only road to recovery.

‘As a musician, it may seem out of place to address mental health. However, as a psychiatrist (my daytime job), I believe that it is not inappropriate that artists talk about this subject.

I find that this issue is still very stigmatizing and many people around the world consider mental sickness as shameful, something to hide and a taboo.

I get it, there are far too many movies, series and books in pop culture that portray psych wards and asylums as places designated for the severely deranged aka loonies.

Let’s admit it, the early days of psychiatry was something that modern, contemporary psychiatrist are not really proud of. Then again, the professionals of the time did not have the necessary tools to properly diagnose (i.e. MRI, EEG etc.) or to treat their patients (FYI first generation antipsychotics were introduced in the 1950s. That was like the day before yesterday.). We are not psyched (pun intended) about the Middle Ages either, aren’t we?

Let me assure you, it is completely okay to have mental problems and you are not crazy if you happen to suffer from depression, bipolar disease, even schizophrenia or any other item from the DSM-V. You probably would not question your worth or your contribution to society if you suffered from diabetes – why should you? Well, the same applies for mental disease.

You are not responsible for your genes. You are not responsible for who your family is. Nor are you responsible for everything that happens to you (or at least not more than partially). So, let’s just stop the shaming the victim and start being there for each other.

It takes a hell lot of courage to admit that one is unwell. It takes even more guts to reach out for help. I truly admire everybody who shows up at our clinic despite their prejudice concerning shrinks. Not to mention the patients who accept to take psychotropic meds. I think you are the real heroes, not the doctors.

Personally, I felt pretty bad when I was a teenager. Like really bad. I was unpopular, lonely and overwhelmed by anxiety. It was one of the main reasons why I turned to the piano and songwriting. My regular sessions with my instrument was like undergoing psychanalysis. If I had known better, I would have consulted a specialist. Probably my results would have been better, and I wouldn’t still be controlled by fear, doubt and insecurity. I guess it is never too late, though. Recently, I started seeing a therapist and it feels really nice. I am not sure where we are heading but at least it feels less lonely. ‘

Claudia Balla- Fix You

Swiss singer-songwriter Claudia Balla makes an impressive return with her stunning new country-pop EP ‘Fix You.’

Fix You’ delivers a strong message about the pitfalls of love and the spectrum of human emotion. The EP showcases four beautiful and profound tracks which each have their own unique charm and leave you feeling empowered.

The title track ‘Fix You’ is an honest narration on the reality of trying to save a lost love. Though we try to avoid the pain of heartbreak, “I’m trying to fix you ‘cause I’m not ready to miss you,” deep down we know that it cannot be fixed.

Broken Heart’ is the leading track on the EP which sees Claudia express how we can portray ourselves in different roles in social situations and how the emotions we present can be artificial. Claudia uses her act onstage to embody this idea, all wrapped up delicately in a love story.

Claudia’s music has captivated the hearts of many around the world with her powerful words and her new EP is no exception. She gives a voice to the consequences of love that are truly relatable.

Fix You follows on from Claudia Balla’s albums ‘Enough’ and ‘Fire’ which amassed her a strong following of fans and has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the European music scene.

About Claudia Balla

Based in Switzerland, Claudia Balla is a singer-songwriter who has established her name as an exciting talent and one to watch.

 Claudia entered onto the scene in 2013 with her debut album ‘Enough. The record combined soft, stripped-down melodies with powerful piano ballads which made her a force to be reckoned with in the European music scene and paved the way for bigger things to come.

 In 2016 Claudia released her sophomore album, “Fire,” featuring her statement single “Perfect.” The thought-provoking song powerfully deals with the current social status of women and the challenges still imposed on women around the world. The contemporary pop production, dark harmonic elements and honest lyrics resonated within the hearts of listeners across the world.

 Her recent duet, “Miracle”, recorded with fellow Swiss songstress Mané, tackles the delicate and pressing issue of climate change. The track is accompanied by a captivating music video which vividly highlights the devastating effects of climate change with images of human consumption on the planet.

 Her new EP, “Fix You”, sees Claudia blossom further, as she explores a new path by venturing into the realms of country pop. The EP consists of four exquisite and heart-warming songs that each have their own unique charm and will leave you wanting more.

For more information visit Claudia Balla’s website and follow her on Facebook Twitter and Instagram