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Meet Sven Fredriksson

Sven Fredriksson

Singer songwriter Sven Fredriksson has spent the last few years working on an exciting new musical project called The Fall Of Ego. It’s an ambitious set up and with the finishing touches just completed on the debut album, things are now turning to connecting the music with the fans, with the first single ‘One Of These Days', which was launched on the 24th June, already making waves. Its been a huge undertaking and reflects a journey that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

Sven explains where the inspiration came from for his recent video:

"The first single from my forth coming album One of These Days is about overcoming adversity and rising above life’s difficult challenges and is written for all who have faced or who still face, adversity of all forms, physical and mental.

From a very early age, I had witnessed physical and verbal abuse within my home and had also suffered physical abuse myself. At the age of seven, my parents divorced which was also another blow to my self-esteem. Later on in life, at the age of fifteen I moved to Scotland to be with my Father, but the physical abuse was still prevalent leading to one night that would stay with me for years to come, where I was beaten, head butted and kicked by someone I still regarded a hero. That night my hero died, but I managed to gain power in myself, throwing my bags out of the window shortly after, and running away to live with friends until I left school and attended college.

As a result of my experiences I developed anxiety and in particular the relatively little known anxiety symptoms; Depersonalisation and De-realism - a direct result of childhood trauma. The feeling itself is like one is living in a constant dream or movie like state and can vary in strength depending on the challenges faced.

As I have learned more about the condition it has helped me become more adept at coping and working around it. For example, I now know that it is the first stage of anxiety, so I can recognise what is going on and know it will pass.

What I have come to recognise is that it is vital to not let anything get in the way of achieving anything in life. I believe every challenge in life is set to make you a better person, and so as a result I am driven harder to succeed. I’ve worked in the Oil industry travelling the world (currently I live in Belarus), I have met my idol Ian Brown, toured the UK in various bands and worked with some of the best musicians in the world, including Darrin Mooney and Barrie Cadogan from Primal Scream who are both part of this project, playing on 8 out of the 9 tracks that will make it on to the new album (out in the autumn). Anything is possible if you go after it.

One Of These Days has been something of a cathartic process to write and produce - I guess it is the expression of overcoming challenges that is so prominent in the track and I hope that gives it an appeal that is universal and empowering. I have managed to overcome it all and am more fired up than ever to succeed - and therefore so can you…

What is really important to me about the new single is that the track projects a positive message, not only about my specific challenge, but gives everyone hope in rising above their challenges, whatever they may be, and take back control of their own destiny. As you will see from the video, the boy stands up to the father, and we see a shift in state from powerless to powerful.

So my advice is don’t give up and believe in yourself and your own resources to find the power to change your life, whatever the circumstances.”

Here is the video for the single One Of These Days, ahead of their debut album 'World In Disguise' due for release later this year:


For more information on The Fall Of Ego please go to their website, facebook, and twitter links

One Of These Days (and dance remix) is available as a free download from:

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