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Liv Austen releases debut tracks

cover of liv austin's detour

Norwegian-born singer-songwriter Liv Austen releases tracks ‘Detour’ and ‘Whole Heart’, today, taken from her debut album A Moment of Your Time.

The tracks will be available via download and streaming services, and on vinyl sold exclusively on Liv’s website and at live performances, which you can purchase now.

The double A-side is the next stepping-stone in a string of successes from the country-pop star. Liv released her debut album A Moment of Your Time last October, which received a 5* review from Maverick magazine and has since had over half a million streams on Spotify. She also supported American country star Sarah Darling on her UK tour in March.

‘Detour’ and ‘Whole Heart’ were recorded at NUA Studios and Wandsworth Studios. They were produced in London by Jon Wright and co-produced by Liv and LOFT.

‘Detour’ and ‘Whole Heart’ were placed together on A Moment of Your Time, reflecting the key part they play in Liv’s story. The two songs were both written by Liv; they openly and honestly describe the heartbreak of being written out of someone else’s story (‘Detour’) and then finding new love and fearing that the same will happen again (‘Whole Heart’).

When asked about why she chose to release the track on Vinyl, Liv said: ‘I wanted to release Detour and Whole Heart together, as they are connected story-wise. There is also a sense of going “back to basics” with these songs, as they are more personal and rawer than my previous singles. I spoke to my team about it and the idea of a AA side came up, “why not release them together in an old school way?” And that’s why I chose to do that. They sound fantastic on vinyl too, so lovely and warm.’

Liv will perform at this year’s Long Road Festival on Friday 6th September, you can purchase tickets HERE.

You can purchase A Moment of Your Time HERE

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