Hungarian singer overcomes spinal hernia

Lazar Lobo-Szaloky
Lazar Lobo-Szaloky

Chart topping Hungarian singer/songwriter Lazar Lobo-Szaloky plans to make waves in the UK with his first international solo release ‘The Only Thing’

As frontman and songwriter for one of Hungary’s biggest bands of the last ten years ​‘Dirty Slippers’​, Lazar Lobo-Szaloky​ has been making big waves across the European market for a long time.

Now for the first time he has gone solo, and is embarking on a new project with release plans branching out to the UK.

Currently working on his debut solo album,​ Lazar has been working with renowned producer ​​​George Shilling ​(​Blur,​ ​Primal Scream​, ​Frank Turner​​ ​and ​Mike Oldfield​​.​)​

However, Lazar hasn’t always found it easy as he tells ALBLE2UK his journey explains below:

I have been performing live since the age of 15 growing up in Hungary, I was always surrounded by music and regular inspiration.

Through some good luck and meeting some great people, we formed the band Dirty Slippers back in 2005. Shortly after this we saw quick success, sell out tours, and the first solo tour of our debut album back in 2008.

But following this saw the release of our track ‘Élned Kell’ which became our first song on the charts in Hungary. This song meant a lot to us because it also became the advertising song of a Hungarian campaign against cervical cancer. It was so rewarding and we felt really happy that we were putting something back to help people…

Following this success, it was then in 2009 that we went to the USA to record our next album, and it was after this that everything really began to accelerate. Touring become a regular feature in my life, and we were averaging around 100 shows per year.

We had used roadies before, but on our travels and especially amidst our 2012 European tour, we saw so many other famous bands moving their own equipment that we felt it was the right thing for us to do as well. So since then we had always packed our own amplifiers, moved our gear, and done it ourselves because we wanted to be a humble band.

However, in the winter of 2016 when I was moving house, during the move I began to feel a lot of pain in my back. I went to the doctor and he told me the bad news that I had a spinal hernia. Luckily there was no surgery required, but this changed my life forever and meant that I could not carry on lifting anything heavy- period!

I had to start using lighter guitars, use a special pillow for sleeping, and basically pay attention to everything I was doing. Being a touring artist and performing live on a regular basis it was something which was really difficult for me, but I had to overcome my fears, get back the confidence, and not let it stop me.

It’s just a question of adapting to a new lifestyle so that I can still perform...the spine is such a delicate area of the body, but I have been determined to carry on.

This has also felt like the right time for me to release my first solo record and prove to myself that nothing should stop me achieving my further goals and dreams!

‘The Only Thing’ is out on the 1​st ​March and available for pre order here.



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