Ceiling Demons share advice on mental health

Ceiling Demons
Ceiling Demons

Art-rap collective Ceiling Demons have recently released a stunning new visual for their single ‘From The Womb To The Grave’

The track is a dark, yet upbeat exploration into the themes of life, death and rebirth. Featuring poetic lyrics, deep vocals and electronic rhythms, the track bursts with originality.

As you can probably tell from that brief description mental health is a subject very close to the band’s heart.

Dan and Psy from the band took time out to give us some advice on how to look after our wellbeing…

‘Mental health themes have long been entwined with our music, having created Ceiling Demons as a coping method to process bereavement. We spent our late teens and early twenties wrestling with anxiety, depression, self-loathing and self-destructive patterns that were rarely addressed with communication to each other or our friends and family around us, and instead they were suppressed and bottled up for the most part.

However, music would always be a way to channel these inner emotions and negative feelings into something creative and positive. In choosing to study music once we started college and into university, it helped maintain a platform for developing our approach to music and song-writing.

In hindsight it seems appropriate to have chosen to study a subject that was therapeutic for dealing with our own inner issues but at the time this would only be something the sub-conscious would recognize as despite the healing nature of music – the actual industry and business side of it can pretty much be the polar opposite.

Since starting Ceiling Demons, we have been advocates for mental health awareness and suicide prevention charities as we have faced the harrowing truth about suicide being the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK. This is something very real to us and something we’ve had to accept after losing several friends during the years and also battling suicidal thoughts ourselves.

There are various ways to deal with these feelings and everyone is different but what really helps us to alleviate the endless dark cloud of doom above our heads is creativity, open communication and self-care. Creativity can be anything you choose to focus your energy on to create – from making a meal to writing a song or drawing a piece of art.

Communicating openly to your friends and family is also extremely useful so they know when you’re down but also seeking help from professional counsellors can do wonders and finally self-care and being able to be content within one self. Sometimes we all need to have a break from the hectic nature of life and look after our inner minds.

For us a massive watershed point in our own healing was utilising therapy services. In doing so, a weight was lifted and feelings could be digested which then led to better communication between ourselves and close circles.

Not everyone is going to be comfortable with displaying their mental fragilities to a therapist but going down this avenue helped us take back control of our mental well-being and therefore is something we will always recommend.

Other useful tips to help the mind in today’s current world would be to cut down social media and negative news consumption, spend more time in nature, exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, plant/fungi-based medicine and meditation.

Take care of yourselves, in the end of the day, we're all we've got.

Ceiling Demons new album ‘Snakes & Ladders’ will drop on 22nd September 2021.

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