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Moeen traces his journey from backyard cricket to the county game and his first-class debut as a teenager, through to his international debut at the relatively late age of 27 and the golden summer of 2017, when he was anointed Player of the Series against South Africa with thousands of England fans chanting his name.

cover of moeen

How to be a Footballer

Peter Crouch is famed for being the much-loved everyman of English football and one of Britain’s funniest sporting icons. Towering at 6ft 7inches, he is prized for his down to earth and self-deprecating humour, having famously answered the question, “What would you be if you weren’t a footballer?” with the one liner: “A virgin”.

cover of how to be a footballer by peter crouch

Killer T

Master storyteller Robert Muchamore returns with his first stand-alone novel with his new publisher Hot Key Books on sale now.

Cover of Killer T book

Honey Blossom and Honey

Known for discovering the real culinary magic that a country has to offer, in his latest book, John Gregory-Smith uncovers the secrets of the Moroccan kitchen. From home-cooked stews to sensational seafood, John reveals little-known Moroccan dishes and gives them his pared back, modern spin.

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