The Fat-Loss Plan by Joe Wicks

recipe from the fat loss plan book
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Social media superstar Joe Wicks is back with his fifth book The Fat-Loss Plan.

With 100 brand-new delicious recipes and speedy effective HIIT workouts, The Fat-Loss Plan will show you how to adopt a lean lifestyle, giving you the tools and information you need to change your life and transform your body!

Joe Wicks says: "If you’re fed up with counting calories or restrictive dieting, or you feel like you’ve tried everything before but failed, then this plan is for you. This is different. This will work.

My recipes are fast, my workouts are short and my philosophy is simple: stop dieting, stop counting calories, stay off the sad step, exercise regularly and cook real food.

You really don’t need to go hungry, live a life without carbs or fats and spend hours on a treadmill to lose fat. That’s the old way of doing things and it’s not fun or sustainable. My way is much more enjoyable and a lot more fun!"

The Fat-Loss Plan is broken down into 60 reduced-carbohydrate and 40 post-workout recipes – all delicious and easy to make.

As with his other bestselling books, The Fat-Loss Plan includes classic recipes have been given the Joe Wicks 'twist', making them healthy and nutritious and no longer off the menu for those wanting to stay lean. Readers will be treated to the likes of tagines, pancakes, gnocchi, burgers and a whole host more.

Joe's approach to food and fitness has already helped millions of people around the world get in shape. With weekly plans and ready-made ingredients lists, The Fat-Loss Plan makes it simple for you prep like a boss and eat well every day of the week.

Banishing mental barriers like ‘I don’t have enough time’ or ‘I can’t do it, I’ll never be lean’ once and for all, The Fat-Loss Plan will inspire you to get in the kitchen, cooking healthy food and start moving more!

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