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PR legend publishes his incredible memoir

cover of i was there showing a young alan edwards with his arm around david bowie

Alan Edwards is the godfather of modern music PR, whose stellar list of clients has ranged over the years from David Bowie to Amy Winehouse via the Rolling Stones, Blondie, Prince and the Spice Girls and, outside of music, David Beckham and Naomi Campbell now he tells his story.

I Was There traces Edwards’ career from the thriving punk scene of ’70s London, which inspired him to set up his own PR company, through his work with acts such as Blondie and the Rolling Stones, his collaboration with David Bowie over nearly four decades, his move into the pop world with the Spice Girls, and beyond.

Along the way, we’re treated to all the entertaining tales of debauchery and rock star antics you might expect, but more uniquely we’re privy to Edwards’ fascinating observations about the brilliant artists he has worked with, and what makes them tick.

We also get a front row seat to the rise of PR as a major force in British society, from the seven figure media deal Edwards brokered for the Beckhams’ wedding, to the role of spin in the New Labour government.

Even as Edwards grows into the consummate PR, playing a crucial background role in the lives and careers of some of the world’s biggest stars, he retains a powerful sense of being an outsider never forgetting how lucky he is to look back on decades of music and culture and say, ‘I was there’.

I Was There by Alan Edwards, published by Simon & Schuster, is available now priced £25.

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