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 Elyse Salpeter using american sign language
Elyse Salpeter using american sign language

Budding author Elyse Salpeter has released a series of gripping novels about a character living with severe hearing loss. Here she chats to ABLE2UK telling us how these amazing stories came to light.

As an author of eleven fictional tales, it could be said that at any given moment my mind is wandering elsewhere into lands unknown. I’ve always been interested in anything with a supernatural or fantastical element, so in any of my works, be it the thrillers, fantasy or horror tales, you’ll find elements of that in all of them.

The Flying Series is no different. The vision for this Young Adult thriller series was born from a simple visit to a park one day. I’d been sitting on a bench, watching some birds pecking at seeds on the ground and suddenly I had this thought that would not go away.  I wondered “what if birds really weren’t what we all thought they were?” As I sat there, an idea formed about who, and what, these birds really represented and I kept seeing this young deaf boy in my mind. This boy would be my protagonist and he actually knew the secret about these birds. That’s how the idea of Flying to the Light was born. The novel centres around a six-year-old Deaf boy named Danny Anderson. He lives with his parents, who are both scientists, along with his older, hearing seventeen year-old brother. Danny is non-verbal and his family uses ASL (American Sign Language) to communicate with him. I knew that I wanted to make this boy the hero of the book and his hearing loss in the novel is simply a part of who he is.

The novel begins with Danny’s parents receiving an award for a recent scientific discovery. But, while they are at the ceremony they get kidnapped and Danny’s brother Michael gets tipped off that someone is coming after his little brother next and he must do everything in his power to keep him safe. Why? Because Danny knows a secret so powerful that everyone in the country is after him and it is up to Michael to protect him.

Flying To The Fire is book #2 in the series. I’d wanted to pick up where I’d left off in book #1, but this time I wanted Danny to become more of a central character in the novel. In Flying To The Fire, he’s now thirteen and now it’s his turn to keep his little sister safe as a darkness he cannot name tries to take her from him. Knowing I was dealing with a thirteen year-old, who was now also attending a school for the deaf, I had the privilege of speaking to students at both St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf and Millneck Manor. Having the chance to really ask the students questions was so helpful and I truly believed aided me in making the novels as relevant and accurate as possible.

You can purchase Flying To The Light on Kindle paperback and Flying To The Fire also on Kindle and in paperback

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