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Guinness World Records 2023: Some unbelievable facts

Guinness World Records 2023: Some unbelievable facts

The new Guinness World Records 2023 edition reveals the latest and greatest Guinness World Records achievements on Earth and in Space, with brand new photography and graphics, plus special features to bring this year’s astonishing records to life.  

The UK is flexing its muscles with super strong Scot, Jason Auld from Edinburgh, who achieved the heaviest single weight lifted by barbell overhead press while riding a unicycle – 68kg (149.91 lbs), while Team GB’s first British Sikh female powerlifter, Karenjeet Kaur Bains from Warwick has smashed the record for most times to squat lift own bodyweight in one minute (female) – 42. Kimberly Lester (UK) has also been multitasking, with her extraordinary record for most juggling catches with six objects in 30 seconds (hand and feet).

Other amazing records across the globe include the tallest living domestic cat (47.83cm), Fenrir Antares Powers (USA), most people back flipped over on ice skates - 3, Elladj Baldé (CAN) and longest duration to perform single arm handstand (male) – 1 minute 11.82 seconds Nicolas Montes de Oca (Mexico).

The record-breaking superstars revealed today include:

KARENJEET KAUR BAINS (UK) - most times to squat lift own bodyweight in one minute (female) – 42

Not only is champion powerlifter Karenjeet the first Sikh female to represent Great Britain in Powerlifting, but she is also a record-breaker, holding the title for most times to squat lift own bodyweight in one minute (female) – a remarkable 42 reps! Karenjeet trains for 1.5 hours a day, six days a week, juggling her training with a busy day job as a Business Planning and Finance Manager, and dedicated two weeks training specifically for the record. 

Karenjeet also holds many other medals and achievements, including becoming a Commonwealth Powerlifting Champion in 2019, representing Great Britain in the European Powerlifting Championships in Kaunas, Lithuania, and being the five-time British champion. Her family is her biggest inspiration and support system, and Karenjeet hopes to create a ‘legacy’ that encourages more females from diverse and minority backgrounds to “shatter any perceived glass ceilings and make their mark in sports like Powerlifting.” 

 JASON AULD (UK) – heaviest single weight lifted by barbell overhead press while riding a unicycle – 68kg (149.91 lbs)

“Combining unicycling with feats of strength is something few, if any, have done,” said record-breaker Jason Auld.  With a passion for unicycling and weightlifting, Jason set himself the goal of breaking a record during the end of lockdown in 2020 as a way to bring structure back into his life. After an eight-week rigorous training programme made up of weightlifting sessions on and off the unicycle five days a week, Jason successfully broke the record on 5th April 2021. As an action sports athlete and content creator, Jason has taken part in TV shows, live events and brand campaigns, and his work as a street unicyclist saw him perform at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the London Olympic Games in 2021. Jason admits to not being naturally gifted and prides himself in working hard to accomplish his goals, so being championed in this year’s book was something he “never imagined possible”. 

ALVIN (SWE) – fastest 5m on hind legs by horse – 16.70 seconds

Shetland pony Alvin, from Skåne, Sweden, broke the record for fastest 5metres on hind legs by horse in 16.70 seconds. To initially help Alvin overcome his timidness and fear of humans, when he first came to live with his owner and trainer Pauline back in 2009, Alvin was taught tricks to build his confidence and quickly loved showing off. Walking on his hind legs is a skill Alvin has perfected over the years and training for the record involved building more strength and distance with positive reinforcement, clicker training and food rewards. Having Alvin’s unique skills recognised in the Guinness World Records book feels “incredible”, Paulina says, adding: “I always knew he was one of a kind”.

FLORIAN KASTENMEIER (DE) – largest collection of rotating puzzles – 1,519

Florian’s passion for puzzles began with his first Rubik’s cube in 2005, where he soon became fascinated by solving the challenges new puzzles brought. Now with a collection of 1,519 puzzles, Florian’s favourites are those that are older, as to him they have more of a “story and character”. While Florian can also solve a Rubik’s cube in an impressive 45 seconds, he is most proud of the variety of his collection, from nostalgic traditional Rubik’s cubes to those that feature famous faces. When asked about being a part of this year’s Guinness World Records book, Florian still can’t believe that people around the world will see his collection.  

CELESTE DIXON (AUS) – most backward somersault burpees in 30 seconds (female) – 8, most aerial silk front saltos in one minute – 23 & fastest 10m walking on hands while holding a 10kg medicine ball between the legs (female) – 10.55 seconds

Celeste is a fitness enthusiast, former competitive gymnast and veteran Ninja Warrior from South Australia with three records in this year’s book. From gymnastics, climbing, CrossFit, running and swimming, Celeste is driven by making exercise fun and using it as a method to stimulate the mind and relieve stress. For each record, Celeste practised for several weeks and of her three records, she admitted the most challenging was the fastest 10m walking on her hands while holding a medicine ball between her legs but was determined to break this. Working three jobs alongside breaking records, Celeste is driven to break her own records one day all while spending her free time with her beloved ‘ninja dog sidekick’. 

Other incredible record holders are:  

Alvin (SWE) – fastest 5m on hind legs by horse – 16.70 seconds

Florian Kastenmeier (DE) – largest collection of rotating puzzles – 1,519

Celeste Dixon (AUS) – most backward somersault burpees in 30 seconds (female) – 8, most aerial silk front saltos in one minute - 23 & fastest 10m walking on hands while holding a 10kg medicine ball between the legs (female) - 10.55 seconds

Rubel Medini (ITA) - tallest stack of platforms balanced on a rolla bolla – 11

Dan Mancina (USA) – longest 50-50 grind on a skateboard (IS2) – 6.85m (22ft 5in)

Chloe Arnold (USA) – most tap dance wings in one minute – 123 & most tap dance pullbacks in one minute – 113

Geraldo Alken (NLD) – most consecutive double under to frog skips – 7

Junji Nakasone (JPN) – highest throw and catch of a spinning basketball – 6.20m (20ft 4in) & longest time spinning four basketballs – 21.65 seconds

Scarlett Ashley Cheng (CHN) – largest collection of lip balms – 3,388

Saeed Howidi Bashoon (UAE) – largest pin and thread art – 6.3 m² (67ft² 20in²)

The iconic Guinness World Records Hall of Fame is a feature that celebrates icons who have gone above and beyond in their record-breaking. This year the UK’s Paralympian Ellie Simmonds (UK) and music megastar Beyoncé (USA) are among those who have made it to the gilded room. 

Meanwhile, the Young Achievers feature proves that age is no barrier in being the best in the world. Six incredible children are highlighted, including 12-year-old, Abhimanyu Mishra (USA) - the youngest chess Grandmaster and 7-year-old, Scarlett Cheng (CHN), largest collection of lip balms who has collected over 3,338. 

Guinness World Records is making record breaking accessible to everyone, working with specialists to embrace the new Impairment Initiative by creating a range of categories for people with impairments. Dan Mancina (USA) who has lost his sight is featured in the book for achieving Longest 50-50 Grind on a skateboard (IS2). 

Craig Glenday, Editor in Chief, celebrates his 20th Anniversary with Guinness WorldRecords this year, making this 2023 Edition his 21st book as Editor in Chief! He said "We've sifted through nearly 40,000 record applications over the past year to bring you Guinness World Records 2023. People from all walks of life continue to be fascinated by extremes, and we've received claims from across the planet - indeed, even from space! This is why I've said the new edition is 'Out of this World!'

The new edition includes 10 fact-packed chapters:

Introduction – Missions, Editors letter, GWR Impairment Initiative, GWR Day! 

Space – Discover tech innovators and pioneering space tourists to the latest planetary landers and the new James Webb Space Telescope - the largest of its kind

Life on Earth – Mega Mammals, Bizarre Beasts, Animal Heroes and more 

Human Body – Tallest, shortest, hairiest, largest gape

Extraordinary Exploits – Jugglers, rock climbers, fitness fanatics and mermaids! 

Around the World in 300 records - To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days, we dedicate a chapter to a whistle stop tour of our planet, allowing our readers to explore the world from their living rooms! 

Epic Engineering – Bridges, Tallest Buildings, Trains 

Entertainment – Visual and SFX, 100 years of Disney, Pop Music 

Modern World 


The 2023 edition also includes special features to help bring the records to life: 

Snapshot - 3D artists take a visual approach to storytelling, using comparisons from famous locations around the world to reveal just how epic some record breakers truly are  

Top 25 Gaming Records - From the most critically acclaimed and best-selling games to the longest marathons and richest esports stars, we run through the 25 most significant videogame records in our archive, encompassing classics such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong right up to Minecraft and Fortnite

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS  2023 (RRP: £22.99) is available for purchase in stores and online now, with discounts widely available.

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